Liberace is one of the MANY reasons America is so GREAT!

I miss Jojo. She’s originally from wisconsin, so was Liberace, she’s way more fabulous. But she’s been on vacation for what feels like an eternity, so here’s a video for me. POLKA ALWAYS CHEERS ME UP!!!!!! That being said, Jojo … Continue reading

TEEF TERROR 2011: Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water…

Angry Baby is living up to her nickname today. She just got through “kickin’ it” and by “kickin’ it,” I mean throwing an old-skool Angry Baby fit, like I haven’t seen since she was a newborn. Can only mean one … Continue reading

Microblog within a Blog: Jojo and Baby on the Gogo!

Talk about starting the day on an adorable note, it’s time for the MICROBLOG WITHIN A BLOG!!! Here’s the latest installment of Jojo on the Gogo!!! Jojo and Baby on the Gogo microblog about a trip far away from the scorching … Continue reading

This is my Hamlet moment.

Just when you think this pantheon of manly moustachery couldn’t get any classier, I decide to go all Shakespeare on you. Just like in Hamlet, what some consider the greatest play ever written, SPOILER ALERT: I don’t agree, had a play … Continue reading