Thanksgiving 2013: Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch

No bites, but plenty of smilin' sprites!

Greetings, my dear friends. Today is perhaps one of the biggest nutkicks in the calendar year. See, it’s the Monday after the long Thanksgiving Holiday Weekend, and with the start of the Christmas Season, it seems everyone is dreaming of … Continue reading

Roasted Brussels Sprouts Taste Like All of Your Dreams Coming True


I can’t stand Brussels Sprouts. Matter of fact, they are a “drop dead” food, meaning that even if the sweetest Nana in the world made me a plate of them, my response would be, “drop dead, I’m not eating that … Continue reading

Nurse Your Candy Hangover With Something Healthy (GASP!)

Get in MAH MAWF!

Snickers, Kitkats, Skittles, Candy corn, all of these little beauties were marched unceremoniously into my mouth by the fistful last night. And while, I’ll never regret the sweet beat down I gave my pancreas last night, I’ve got a mondo … Continue reading

Ron Burgundy to Get His Own Ben & Jerry’s Flavor (Alternate Title: Knights of Columbus!)


This Christmas, Anchorman 2 premieres and while we’ve been gifted with trailers, teasers and Dodge Durango commercials, I’m HUNGRY FOR MORE RON BURGUNDY! As if an answer to my polyester prayers and rich mahogany dreams , Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream announced … Continue reading

My Top Ten for Fall, Y’all!

Spokane, WA

I’m a Pumpkin Spice Latte Slut from way back. For 10 years now, Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Lattes, have cued all things fall. A few weeks ago, I saw this hilarious quote in my feed and chuckled at its accuracy. The … Continue reading

Post By Lover Fo’ Life: Under (French) Pressure

Completely disgusted at the thought of "re-tread" grounds

Under (French) Pressure There comes a time in every office workers life where they must move.  Maybe it’s because you get a job in a different department…perhaps even a promotion.  Possibly you have to move because you are moving out, … Continue reading

The Michelada: My Go-To Choose for Refreshing Booze


As you read this, I’m somewhere sailing the Mexican Riviera trying to ignore all those documentaries I’ve watched about the Narco Wars in Mexico. I refuse to be at the mercy of cruise ship internet, so I took the liberty of scheduling … Continue reading

Taco Bell’s New Breakfast Offerings Are For the Discriminating Stoner


Last week, I had a bevy of beautiful readers and friends share the “Taco Bell Waffle Taco,” news with me. Sadly, I’d heard rumblings of the new “breakfast taco,” for months and the news simply confirmed my worst fears. For … Continue reading

Post By Lover Fo’ Life: The Greatest Grilled Cheese Sandwich in the World


There are many reasons why I am thankful that Lover Fo’ Life is Angry Baby’s father. From excellent genes to his attention to detail, there’s a lot he brings to the Awesome Dad Expo, including THE WORLD’S BEST GRILLED CHEESE SANDWICH. … Continue reading

Leftover Swap App Will Empty the Fridge and Fill Your Heart

The fingers of an angel

It will come as no surprise to you, my dear readers, that yours truly is a first class jerk in real life. Taking delight when people fall, farting on elevators just as I exit, and cutting drivers off in traffic are … Continue reading