Oh the places we will go this year, America! While the world waits to see what drama springs forth from our newly formed Banana Republic, 2017 is off to a dubious start. 11 days into the new year, and our beloved country … Continue reading

The New Abnormal

Look, I’m sorry I’ve kept y’all waiting so long; I’ve been preoccupied with helping Kitty on her road to recovery. Often when a loved one gets incredibly sick for an extended time, Doctors, Nurses, and other medical professionals will utter … Continue reading


Well kiddies, we’re halfway through my series on Africa, and while I know 99.99% of y’all are enjoying it thoroughly, there’s that .001 of you who are probably bored with my navel-gazing gush-a-thon. Where’s the heartless (yet devastatingly gorgeous) Villainess … Continue reading

Fudge You, Cancer

Seeing as this lazy woman’s crusade to charter the seas of sheer nonsense has been around for over half of a decade, there are certain patterns that show themselves. One being that when yours truly, AKA Cribsy, is gone for … Continue reading

2016 Needs To Calm The F*ck Down

First it was Bowie, then Glen Frey, and Merle Haggard joined him, and now, comes the cruelest of cuts that is just now sinking into hearts all over the world. Prince, has flown to Heaven on his purple Chariot of … Continue reading


Yesterday it was announced that Playboy Magazine, the catalyst for the entire girly mag industry, is doing away with “fully nude” pictorials. The company claims that the internet has made magazine nudity obsolete. By removing the naked knockouts, Playboy hopes to shed … Continue reading

Hellf on the Shelf (Elves Gone Wild)

It’s been almost two months since I last filled you in on the rolling horror-show that has been 2014. For those of you Johnny-Come-Latelys too stoned from gas huffing, let me be clear, as far as my family is concerned, 2014 can … Continue reading

It’s So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday: RIP Delia’s

  Yesterday I read some devastating news that is pretty much confirmation that the dream of the 1990’s is dead. Delia’s or dELiA*s to it’s customers and fans, is filing for bankruptcy. For everyone with a modicum of testosterone flowing … Continue reading

The Roughest Draft

Right now I’m “leveling up,” in the game of adulthood. Today my brother, sister and I are in the midst of completing some boss-level emotional video game sh*t. When the dust clears and the tears have dried (temporarily,) I’ll regroup and … Continue reading

Yearbook Cat

Well kiddies, I thought I’d check in one last time before the downhill race to my mother’s memorial service tomorrow. I’m currently in the midst of the final preparations for family who will be arriving this evening, and editing the … Continue reading