Foxy Senior Citizens of the World, this one’s for YOU!

I’ll bet you didn’t know, but STD’s among the elderly is a nationwide issue. Thanks to boner enhancing advances in modern medicine (and better health,) old folks are gettin’ it on more often and with more partners, one problem: they’ve been … Continue reading

Something Disgusting and Something Delicious

One post, two items. Which is disgusting and which is delicious? YOU DECIDE! First up, Meet Thomas Mills… Thomas Mills is 74 years young and was booked the other day on prostitution charges in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Seems Pepaw was … Continue reading

Survival Mode

Angry Baby’s great-granny is taking this whole 2012 thing seriously. I’d write all about what a crack-pot she was if she wasn’t in my family, but seeing as she is, we’ll just call her eccentric. She’s addicted to the APOCALYPSE shows … Continue reading

Something for the Ladies and Fancy Lads: Hotties of 1999!

The fear of potentially losing Hostess and their myriad of calorie-laden delights is bummin’ me out. I need a little candy to make it all better, EYE-CANDY, that is! Youth of today, as you can see…we really had it all in … Continue reading

Peace on Earth

The following is quite possibly my favorite MGM cartoon, ever. Please enjoy this treat from me to you. I love you all (even those of you reading this in your underwear.) Merry Christmas, Xmas, Happy Hanukkah, Good Yule, Happy Kwanzaa, anyway … Continue reading

The Crib Keeper and Mad Dad Present: OUR GIFT TO YOU!

Fun Fact: Mad Dad and I are old college chums, we bonded over a love of Christmas Variety Shows and our mutual ability to recognize the comedic genius of the classic made for TV movie, The Karen Carpenter Story. Mad … Continue reading

In Pumpkin Spice Flavored Product News…

The first third of October is nearly under our belt, in another 20 days it will be “Hallows Eve, Eve.” And then comes November, with delights such as Dia de los Muertos(!!!) and Thanksgiving aka Native-American Eye-Rolling Day!!!! We are … Continue reading

Older ladies are doin’ it! (Not what it sounds like!)

It’s pretty clear that HOT and CLASSY don’t disappear with age. Matter of fact, I want to talk to you this morning about two classy broads that are showing us all a thang or two…These are SISTERS THAT ARE DOIN’ … Continue reading