The New Abnormal

Look, I’m sorry I’ve kept y’all waiting so long; I’ve been preoccupied with helping Kitty on her road to recovery. Often when a loved one gets incredibly sick for an extended time, Doctors, Nurses, and other medical professionals will utter … Continue reading

Fudge You, Cancer

Seeing as this lazy woman’s crusade to charter the seas of sheer nonsense has been around for over half of a decade, there are certain patterns that show themselves. One being that when yours truly, AKA Cribsy, is gone for … Continue reading

Coat of Many Murders (Alternate Title: Cat Lovers Gonna Hate)

PETA members and animal rights advocates, you’re going to want to skip this post today. In lieu of reading the following inflammatory drivel, why not instead go play some Peruvian pan flute (or a few rounds of hacky sack) at a Sarah McLachlan concert. See ya … Continue reading


I’ve been reviewing the last several posts, particularly those about my Mom, and while everything I’ve written is genuine and real, I can’t help but feel that I’m leaving something out. You see, in addition to being a great editor, educator, … Continue reading

A Decade In (Alternate Title: Happy Anniversary, L4L!)

Today marks ten years since Lover Fo’ Life and I said “I do” in a crummy Chapel in front of the oldest minister in Las Vegas (who had a coke fingernail, BTW.) In the decade since, we’ve traveled, hysterically laughed every … Continue reading

I Got Heartwarms: Bear Saves Crow From Drowning

I don’t know about you, but it’s been a pretty sh*tty coupla weeks. Between EBOLA CRISIS 2014, the Israeli conflict, and exploding airplanes, the world is in desperate need of some Camomile tea and a bathtub full of Calgon. Unfortunately, thanks … Continue reading