How To Lose 10 Pounds in 3 Days!!!

What if I told you that you could lose TEN POUNDS in just THREE DAYS? This Easter your hamhocks won’t have to shimmy into that ill-fitting pastel number, because come Sunday, you’ll be down 10 whole pounds!!!! ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS FOLLOW … Continue reading

Class Up Your Day: Here’s Bill Gates, Drinking Poop Water

Bill Gates, my vote for world’s greatest citizen, is doing remarkable things for the developing world. In addition to building wells, providing medicine, and vowing to wipe out certain diseases, Mr. Gates also is looking for the next great idea to change … Continue reading

Coat of Many Murders (Alternate Title: Cat Lovers Gonna Hate)

PETA members and animal rights advocates, you’re going to want to skip this post today. In lieu of reading the following inflammatory drivel, why not instead go play some Peruvian pan flute (or a few rounds of hacky sack) at a Sarah McLachlan concert. See ya … Continue reading

Serial Pooper Attacks Swedish Toilets

If there’s one thing this site is known for, it’s BEING CLASSY. 9 times out of 10, you’ll find me pinky up expounding upon distinguished subjects such as: fart jokes, giving sexy leers directed towards various knockouts, and nutshots. It’s in the refined … Continue reading

Chocolate Toothpaste: Go Home Crest, You’re Drunk

Good oral hygiene. In addition to being the cornerstone of health and beauty, a bright and shining smile is the quickest way to get a random stranger to buy you a wine spritzer at your favorite singles bar. For decades, Crest brand … Continue reading

What a Load of Crap: Japanese Museum Exhibit All About Poop

Happy Monday, y’all! Kiss your awesome weekend goodbye and say hello to 5 days of soul crushing drudgery. But just because you feel like a pile of dog turds and your attitude is in the crapper, it doesn’t mean you can’t … Continue reading

Here’s the First Trailer For “Dumb and Dumber To” (AKA The Greatest Movie You’ll See All YEAR!)

Dumb and Dumber To, stars Jeff Daniels and Jim Carrey reprising their roles as Lloyd and Harry, the dynamic dumbos. Last night on The Tonight Show, a trailer for the follow-up to Dumb and Dumber premiered. Perverted Grannies, elaborate practical jokes, and a cat named … Continue reading

We Tried It: Hot Dog Stuffed Pizza

Lover Fo’ Life is home from his business trip abroad and is safely back in the states. While away, he informed me that Dominos Scotland had a knock-off of Pizza Hut’s infamous Hot Dog Stuffed Crust Pizza. The very one … Continue reading

18 Hilarious Food Name Fails

Get a load of these unfortunately named foodstuffs!   And my favorite, the winner for truth in advertising: Regardless of the terrible titles, I’d still hit 99% of them. What can I say, snacks is snacks, amirite? via … Continue reading

Snakes In A Cab (Alternate Title: The Biggest Jerk EVER)

New York Cab driver/ Stunt Queen Jimmy Failla has a new book out all about his adventures driving a cab. To promote the release, and slither into our collective conscience, he decided to pull one low-down, no-good, sh*tty sh*tty, prank. Jimmy … Continue reading