A Very Special Episode of Mad Dad.

  On A Very Special Episode of Mad Dad… I picked up my four-year-old daughter, Gwen, from daycare with a very special surprise. “I got us a movie to watch!” “What is it?” “It has dinosaurs!” “Oooooooo.” An hour later, … Continue reading

Guest Host Ghost Post By MAD DAD: Welcome to Thunderdome

  Welcome to Thunderdome There are numerous things I dislike. In the top five is talking to others. This “personality quirk” (or, as my wife calls it, “being an a-hole”) makes self-check out at my local grocery store ideal. I … Continue reading

Pretty in Pinot + A POST ON REQUEST= Sweet Relief!

Today we have a sweet treat for you! Nic, a reader and past recipient of the coveted, “Tip o’ the Stetson,” sent a recipe in and suggested we try it for all you hard workin’ lady’s out there. The suggested recipe looked delicious and PERFECT for … Continue reading

It’s time for some water sports! (Not what you think)

Oh my goodness it is hot as RICHARDS SIMMONS here. My A/C is pumping out the cool jams, inside but step out for a millisecond and you will be scorched like a rolly polly on a date with a magnifying glass. I’ve decided that … Continue reading

Get yourself Acquainted with: HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN

Hobo with a Shotgun:  With a title like that it’s not hard to know what to expect from the film.  I personally thought it had to be some sort of joke…but no.  With the reemergence of the “grind house” film … Continue reading

GHOST HOST GUEST POST: Monkey around with these BALLS! (not what it sounds like)

MONKEY BALLS ARE DELICIOUS, Y’ALL!  I’m no Paula Deen (shiver), but I do love to make sugary treats!  So let’s make some Monkey Balls, y’all! Here is what you need: I box of cake mix (I used Duncan Hines Spice … Continue reading