Gimmie Gimmie I Need: Wonka Peel a Pops

Roald Dahl’s classic book, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, is 50 years old this year. It’s hard to believe that the tale of a lovable moppet who inherited a weirdo’s “world of pure imagination,” has been around for half a … Continue reading

The Flask Scarf: Give Mom A Gift She’ll Love

We’re but 6 days away from Mother’s Day, y’all. If you want to avoid a world-class guilt-trip, you’d best come up with something QUICK! Luckily, I’ve got something perfect and inexpensive. Baxbo, the company behind classy hit, the tie flask, … Continue reading

Jerk Balloons = The Fun Way of Saying, I HATE YOU!

Designer Shauna Luedtke has put the fun back in giving people balloon bouquets. Behold! JERK BALLOONS! Instead of your garden variety inflated shiny floating beacon of cheer, Jerk Balloons tell everyone what’s really going on. These are balloons for adults you can’t … Continue reading

Adventure Time Inspired Artwork is Positively Mathematical

Los Angeles Pop Culture purveyors, Gallery 1988, are at it again. The champions of art are currently showcasing masterpieces inspired by Pendleton Ward’s genius series, Adventure Time.  If you aren’t watching Adventure Time, please consider falling down the candy-colored acid … Continue reading

Gimmie Gimmie I Need: Shipping Container Guest House

For years I have been obsessed with Tiny Houses. There’s something so satisfying about seeing little abodes cram in all that a bigger place offers. Another nifty domicile option is the shipping container house, an awe-inspiring casa constructed from overseas shipping carts. … Continue reading

The Walk Of Shame Kit (Tramps and Hussys Rejoice!)

The ho-stroll, slut strut, stride of pride, trollup gallop and walk of awesome, all of these terms are used to describe the “walk of shame,” a phenomenon that occurs the morning after and unexpected overnight stay. We’ve all been there: after … Continue reading

Artist Turns R-Rated Movies Into Children’s Book Illustrations

Storyboard Artist Josh Cooley has spent the last decade toiling away for Pixar, but in his free time he does something incredible. Josh illustrates classic scenes from R-rated movies as if they were children’s Golden books. March 1st, Cooley’s very … Continue reading

They’re Bringing Back CRYSTAL PEPSI (Children of the 90’s Rejoice!)

Crystal Pepsi, AKA clear liquid nectar of the GODS, was introduced to the American Marketplace in late 1992. The crisp beverage had a wealth of marketing and advertising bucks behind it. Unfortunately, the color-free drink was ahead of its time, … Continue reading

Tasteful Valentine’s Jewelry Perfect For A Class Act Like You

Folks we’re a little over one week away from VD. Valentine’s Day is approaching quickly, and there’s no better way to guilt your lover into boning you for the first time since Christmas show your love, than by giving your … Continue reading

The Tampon Flask: For a Heavy Flow of Booze

As a good time party girl and gutter slut from way back, it should come as no surprise that I have smuggled my fair share of liquor into alcohol-prohibited places. Child birthday parties, jury duty, bar mitzvahs, and the CRUISE … Continue reading