Thank You For Being A Friend: Artist Draws Bea Arthur Every Day For a Year

  If you aren’t a fan of The Golden Girls, GTFO. The #1 reason that I love the classic 1980’s sitcom is Bea Arthur’s portrayal of Dorothy Zbornak, AKA a masterclass in sarcasm. Whether you’re a smartass with a flair for zingers, or merely … Continue reading

Mean Girls is Officially 10 YEARS OLD (It’s also a Wednesday, when we wear pink.)

April 30th, 2004, Mean Girls, the greatest teen comedy in the history of girl cinema was released. Exactly a decade ago, Regina George and her army of skanks traipsed across cinema screens and into our hearts. A freshly scrubbed and … Continue reading

These Geeky Easter Eggs Are EGGCELLENT (Sorry, Couldn’t Resist!)

Easter Weekend is upon us y’all! No matter if you’re a believer or an eye-roller, we all can agree that millions of marshmallow Peeps will be massacred and next week the office fridge will stink of egg salad. Me? I’m … Continue reading

Adventure Time Inspired Artwork is Positively Mathematical

Los Angeles Pop Culture purveyors, Gallery 1988, are at it again. The champions of art are currently showcasing masterpieces inspired by Pendleton Ward’s genius series, Adventure Time.  If you aren’t watching Adventure Time, please consider falling down the candy-colored acid … Continue reading

Fast Times At The Houston Zoo

Believe it or not, years ago I started this clap-trap hobo parlor as a way to cope with having the WORLD’S MOST ANGRY BABY. During our time together, I’ve documented various humiliating parenting milestones, all at the hands of my … Continue reading

Mario Kart Speed Skating is the Greatest Sport of ALL

The Winter Olympics are now over, thank freaking goodness. I don’t think that it’s humanly possible for me to give less f*cks than I do about the stupid winter games. Especially this year when Vladdy Putin, a size queen who … Continue reading

Art at Your Fingertips (Alternate Title: NAILED IT!)

Kayleigh O’Connor is an artist based in the United Kingdom and had a slight problem biting her nails when she was a teenager, so she began wearing fake nails, that was a decade ago.  In the years since, Kayleigh decided … Continue reading

The Tampon Flask: For a Heavy Flow of Booze

As a good time party girl and gutter slut from way back, it should come as no surprise that I have smuggled my fair share of liquor into alcohol-prohibited places. Child birthday parties, jury duty, bar mitzvahs, and the CRUISE … Continue reading

Man Gets Attacked By A Shark, Stitches Himself Up, Then Goes Out For A Beer

Paging Chuck Norris! Mr. Norris, I believe I’ve found you a new primary care physician!   Dr. James Grant, a doctor from New Zealand, makes us all look like a bunch of limp-wristed wimps. Go ahead and pour yourself some chamomile … Continue reading

These Cray-Cray Crayon Sculptures are Incredible

Artist Hoang Tran is a talented and incredible sculptor whose preferred medium is the humble crayon. But homedude isn’t drawing with these babies, he’s sculpting them into tiny figures from pop culture. Because the only thing that’s missing from your glorious … Continue reading