More Plot Twists Than Dynasty

Shimmy into your finest evening gown, or put on a Botany 500 Suit and meet me on the terrace for elaborately choreographed cat brawls and classy slapfights. I’m back with some juicy new developments that are sure to spawn hours of content and … Continue reading

Too Old To Feel This Young

Howdy Partner! It’s your old pal, Cowboy Cribsy, world champion smartalec and purveyor of nonsense. Why, I’m betting you little fillies thought I was a goner, seeing as I’ve been a real slowpokin’ cowpoke when it comes to my blog … Continue reading

Snow Joke: 3 Brothers Build Massive Sculptures in Front Yard

For the past few years, brothers Austin, Trevor, and Connor Bartz have collaborated to create snow castles on their parents’ front yard for all to enjoy. While many siblings are chilly with each other, it’s heartwarming to see these boys work snow … Continue reading

Class Up Your Day: Here’s Bill Gates, Drinking Poop Water

Bill Gates, my vote for world’s greatest citizen, is doing remarkable things for the developing world. In addition to building wells, providing medicine, and vowing to wipe out certain diseases, Mr. Gates also is looking for the next great idea to change … Continue reading

Give This Kid All Of The Local Emmys

Mondays, amirite!? Luckily there’s a dapper young gentleman in the town of Summerlin, Nevada that has all of the magic we need to get through this nutkick of a day. Thursday, 8 News Now’s Patranya Bhoolsuwan reported on the opening … Continue reading

Yearbook Cat

Well kiddies, I thought I’d check in one last time before the downhill race to my mother’s memorial service tomorrow. I’m currently in the midst of the final preparations for family who will be arriving this evening, and editing the … Continue reading

Gimmie Gimmie, I Need: The 99 Beer Pack

Happy Labor day weekend AKA the death spasm of Summer 2014! These next few days are your last chance to “live it up Summer style,” because that cool slut fall is on her glorious pumpkin-festooned way. Luckily, Austin Beerworks has … Continue reading

Scooby Doo Meets Horror’s Most Famous Psychopaths

Artist Travis Falligant aka IBTrav is a pop culture connoisseur with an incredible talent for recreating greatness. His works range from 80’s and early 90’s triumphs:   To current cuties:     One of his more recent projects involved the familiar … Continue reading

Steve N’ Seagulls: Finnish Bluegrass Band Covers Metal Anthems

Drop everything you are doing and watch this glorious cover of AC/DC’s “Thunderstruck,” by the band Steve N’ Seagulls (GREATEST BAND NAME, EVER!) They hail from Finland and do bluegrass metal covers (my personal favorite is their version of “Holy Diver.”) … Continue reading

Ninja Hairclip is Actually 7 Different Survival Tools

Gather ’round, ladies. Your old pal Cribsy is about to turn you on to the best less than ten bucks you’ll ever spend. Say hello to the Leatherdos, an unassuming barrette that just might save your life.  Yaacov Goldman, has created a … Continue reading