Ghost Host Guest Post by Movie Dude: Lee Greenwood…the Music Video

  So I was reading the Crib Keeper’s post on Mr. Greenwood yesterday and I decided to saunter over to youtube and see if there was actually a video made.  I don’t mean a slideshow of your sunburned family with … Continue reading

Happy father’s day: TEXAS STYLE! aka GOD, BEEF, and GUNS

Crib Keeper and family actually pictured. Side note about the outfit I was wearing: it was purple and had glitter hearts (hard to see in pic) on the shirt. This outfit was MY JAM! I wore the hail outta this the … Continue reading

Best Round out the day with some LEONARD NIMOY!

Leonard Nimoy is a personal favorite of many a dad out there. And he SHOULD be! Besides being devastatingly handsome and a real cool customer…he, sings, directs, writes and shills, HE DOES IT ALL! My father is an old school Trekkie till … Continue reading

A Very Special Episode of Mad Dad.

  On A Very Special Episode of Mad Dad… I picked up my four-year-old daughter, Gwen, from daycare with a very special surprise. “I got us a movie to watch!” “What is it?” “It has dinosaurs!” “Oooooooo.” An hour later, … Continue reading

Guest Host Ghost Post By MAD DAD: Welcome to Thunderdome

  Welcome to Thunderdome There are numerous things I dislike. In the top five is talking to others. This “personality quirk” (or, as my wife calls it, “being an a-hole”) makes self-check out at my local grocery store ideal. I … Continue reading