It’s The Triumphant Return of OUR CAPTION THIS CONTEST!!

Once upon a time, each Friday I would post a photo and ask in return that people provide captions for the pic in the comments section of the post. Each Sunday night at 11:59pm the contest would end and the … Continue reading

Caption This Contest: Shark Week Edition

This Sunday, the Discovery Channel’s annual festival of fins, SHARK WEEK 2012 BEGINS! As a life-long shark enthusiast, Shark Week is like my birthday all-week. This is the 25th Annual Shark Week, and as I have every year for the past 25, … Continue reading


“Hookers and cocaine and booze, oh my!” -ABall Runners Up: “The DEA is still investigating just what those bricks are made of.”- ABAuntie “Do not take the Brown Acid. Repeat. Do not take the Brown Acid.” – Uncle Fester … Continue reading