Friday means one thing: It’s Blog o’ the week time!

Welcome again to a special AFTERNOON edition of Blog o’ the week, as you might recall, last week we spotlighted an outrageous and bitterly funny, “advice” Blog. For those of you who didn’t have time this week to do the … Continue reading


Happy Friday, boils and ghouls!!!! You know what that means, it’s time for blog o’ the week! Last Friday I shared the lovely, funny and honest If you’re new here or forgot to stop by, here’s your chance…Check her … Continue reading

It’s Blog o’ the Week time!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh my dear FRIDAY folks, This week’s BLOG O’ THE WEEK(!) is another GREAT one, why all of my BLOG O’ THE WEEKS are, that’s why I pick ’em!! If you’re just joining us, last week I assigned Ms Lady … Continue reading