A Cruella Realization

I don’t think I’ve ever been more proud. Angry Baby, 3.5 years old, just held up a Cruella DeVil toy and told me that it was, “Mommy.” “This is you, ” she stated. As I review the crisp memories of … Continue reading

BFF: Adorable Art Featuring Pop Culture Besties!

Artist Dave Collinson hails from Brisbane and has quite the knack for creating art based on Popular Culture. Here’s his glamorous take on Captain America… For several months, Dave has been working on a series documenting the greatest buddies in … Continue reading

Bad Grandma is Living the Good Life

An 86-year-old Granny is winning Twitter and spanking you in the cool points department. Might as well pack it up, and quit the internets forever, because we’ll never be as fantastical as “Baddie Winkle,” She was born in 1928 and … Continue reading

Bleak Movies Coloring Book For Kids (Alternate Title: My Heart Will Crayon)

When he’s not making excellent TRUE DETECTIVE fan art, Todd Spence is a writer/editor for break.com. This week, the pop-culture artist digitally released a parody coloring book for kids, but this fake-coloring book doesn’t just stay in the lines, it … Continue reading

Hamster Butts Will Drive You Nuts

I’ve got to hand it to Japan, they really know how to have an “internet obsession.” While you and I were waxing philosophically about Bill Murray, and swapping Grumpy Cat Memes, Japan’s interweb fancy fixated on something far more fascinating. … Continue reading

Fast Times At The Houston Zoo

Believe it or not, years ago I started this clap-trap hobo parlor as a way to cope with having the WORLD’S MOST ANGRY BABY. During our time together, I’ve documented various humiliating parenting milestones, all at the hands of my … Continue reading

This 8 Year Old Will Warm Your Shriveled Heart (Alternate Title: I’m Not Crying- Just Chopping Onions in a Dust Storm)

Meet Myles Eckert.   Myles is an 8 year old boy who lost his father, Army Sgt. Gary “Andy” Eckert Jr., when he was just 5 weeks old. Myles’ dad was killed in Iraq on Mother’s Day, 2005. Heartbreaking. But something good has … Continue reading

Artist Turns R-Rated Movies Into Children’s Book Illustrations

Storyboard Artist Josh Cooley has spent the last decade toiling away for Pixar, but in his free time he does something incredible. Josh illustrates classic scenes from R-rated movies as if they were children’s Golden books. March 1st, Cooley’s very … Continue reading

Pug Pup Reenacting Home Alone is the Cutest Thing You’ll See All Day

Home Alone is one of the greatest Holiday Films of the 1990’s (The Muppet Christmas Carol is #1, just in case you were keeping score.) Chances are you’ve seen it, loved it, and re-watched it a gagillion times. There’s just something … Continue reading