Three Years In

  Angry Baby, turned three yesterday. Time really needs to slow on up and sit the Hell down Because her birthday was on a Wednesday, we had AB’s Birthday Party on Saturday. After last year’s torturous B-Day Par-tay scream-a-thon disaster, I decided to go … Continue reading

Goodbye, Baby

2 years ago this very day, I gave birth to the Angriest little jellybean the world has ever witnessed. We immediately began calling her Angry Baby. Since then, Doctors, Nurses, innocent bystanders and deserving family have all fallen victim to her burning hot … Continue reading

America’s Drunkest Cities Alternate title: There’s no place like home!

Being as it’s the end of the year, the world is rife with lists and party planning. It only makes sense that someone would combine the two. The Daily Beast has released their 2nd annual “America’s Drunkest Cities” List!  I’m … Continue reading

Angry Year in review: 3 Steps to Conquering Baby Gear.

Those who aren’t parents have little knowledge of baby gear. And you need to thank your lucky stars for that very reason. If you were to ask what the most traumatic thing about the whole pregnancy process, without a doubt … Continue reading