After School Special: Revelations

Yesterday I recounted my tale of thwarting a home invasion. I explained that a group of 3 or 4 older teen thugs attempted to enter my home at nearly 2:00am last Thursday while Angry Baby slept and I happened to be … Continue reading

After School Special: In the Knock of Time

99% of the time, this clap-trap chuckle hut is a real joke a thon. Every now and then, because this IS a personal blog and ol’ Cribsy DOES have actual issues, I write a serious post. One that is a … Continue reading

Bad News and Sad News

Greetings Friday revelers, I’m in the midst of lugging, hauling and moving all of my belongings into our new house. Yours truly is covered in an inch of dirt and is beginning to smell like a men’s locker room. I ‘ve got quite a harrowing tale of … Continue reading

After School Special: The Sickening

Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls of all ages, welcome to my ongoing series entitled “Afterschool Special.” Seeing as I haven’t done one of these babies in MONTHS, Imma re-explain the series for all you newbies and potheads who forgot. 99% … Continue reading

Hubris (Don’t know the meaning? Look it up, I can’t do everything for you.)

Not gonna lie, the New Year ruled for me (Dick Clark and all) it started with a Bang! (I’m talking about fireworks, you pervert!) And continued with yours truly being productive, de-cluttering, and for the most part, spending time with … Continue reading


Angry Baby has not been well since Saturday. It started as any normal day, she graced our home with her usual 5:30am screaming baby alarm clock, that we’ve come to dread cherish…yes, on a Saturday. Angry Baby has no use for opressing … Continue reading

Afterschool Special: Raw

Welcome to another “Afterschool Special,” the series where we delve into the less hilarious side of babywrangling. Fear not, we’ll be back to fart jokes just as soon as I get this lil’ issue out there. There are two sides to … Continue reading

There Will Be Blood.

At some point, all parents see their child’s blood. Skinned knees, bloody noses, cuts, scrapes etc., it comes with the territory of being a human. But watching your child bleed?  It’s a feeling that can only be described as heartbreaking. Yesterday Angry Baby … Continue reading

Come to Mama

Angry Baby is fearless. Well, practically fearless. In this past year together, one thing has become apparent, she’s no cream puff. Angry Baby’s favorite toy is a stuffed great white shark and as I type this she’s playing with a massive velvet tarantula. She … Continue reading