Fudge You, Cancer

Seeing as this lazy woman’s crusade to charter the seas of sheer nonsense has been around for over half of a decade, there are certain patterns that show themselves. One being that when yours truly, AKA Cribsy, is gone for … Continue reading

The Roughest Draft

Right now I’m “leveling up,” in the game of adulthood. Today my brother, sister and I are in the midst of completing some boss-level emotional video game sh*t. When the dust clears and the tears have dried (temporarily,) I’ll regroup and … Continue reading

Afterschool Special: My Friend Stephanie

99% of this blog is about nonsense and foolery. Every once in a while we stop splashing in the shallow end and take it serious in a series I call, “Afterschool Special.”  Afterschool Special: My Friend Stephanie This is my … Continue reading

After School Special: Through The Fire and Flames

Almost 2 weeks ago, Angry Baby had a seizure. In the midst of the WORST STOMACH FLU in the history of ever, I feebly typed out the saga for all to read, in a post called “Hell Week.”   As promised, … Continue reading

After School Special: Hell Week

Hello old friend. While it has only been 4 days since I last sat down before you to crack wise and make cat calls, I stand before you today a completely different person, but I’m getting ahead of myself. Allow me … Continue reading

Afterschool Special: No Mother In Law Jokes, Please

Hi, my name is the Crib Keeper. You may remember me from previous writings and long-winded fart jokes that have appeared on this very website. I’ve been absent from our realm of the absurd for a few days, but I … Continue reading

Righting A Serious Wrong

Karen Huff Klein is a 69-year-old widow who works as a bus monitor in a New York suburb called, Greece, for a yearly salary of $15,000. Karen can’t afford to retire, as a widowed senior citizen she relies on her paycheck. … Continue reading

Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder (AKA Breakdown)

When we last spoke, I was fresh with the glow of reunited love. Lover Fo’ Life returned from his business trip abroad and we were beginning to settle in the new house. What I didn’t know is that Angry Baby … Continue reading