A Leader We All Need Right Now

Well guys, we’ve almost made it through the first month of 2018. If January is a tell for the rest of 2018, you tramps better strap in and hold on. Me too moments, congressional tittybaby slap fights, and the tide Pod Challenge are just a few indicators of the crazy times we’re living within, and it shows no signs of slowing.

Yes, everything is topsy-turvy and quite frankly, it’s probably only going to get weirder. Thankfully, the folks at Kentucky Fried Chicken knew just how to help this great nation of ours and named Reba McEntire as their new celebrity Colonel.


For those of you who fast-forward through the commercials, for several years now, KFC has used a revolving door of celebrities to carry on the likeness of the long-deceased founder Colonel Harland Sanders. Some past highlights are:

The Golden-brown George Hamilton


Hilarious Every-man Jim Gaffigan


Ray Liotta’s Terrifying Turn

Chilled to the bone.


Snarky zenith.

Since KFC’s celebrity-centered Ad campaign began in 2015, only men have graced the greasy bucket commercials, but all that changed last week when Kentucky Fried Chicken debuted all-woman and living Country Music Legend, REBA(!)


Bravo to KFC for stunt casting the flame haired fanciest of divas, who by the way, makes an adorable Colonel!

Keep it poppin’!

Though, I’ve got to admit that she’s giving me major Orville Redenbacher vibes, but he was a hot piece too, so I’ll allow it.

Me so corny.

Here’s Reba’s first commercial, a big-budget musical number where the Colonel assures the viewer that he’s “definitely not a famous woman.”

In closing, with Reba as our colonel, how can we go wrong?

After all, she’s the woman who took a hard luck story of a mother turning her daughter out as a prostitute, and made it into a drunk-karaoke classic for southern women everywhere. If only we could take the sh*ttimes we find ourselves in, and make such a lyrical and cinematic tour-de-force.




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