Back To Africa: A Prelude for Peace

Greetings my lovelies, it’s your old pal Meryl Cribsy here to tell you all about my latest adventure in the mountains of Kenya. It’s a tale as old as time, grizzly old tramp finds an unlikely love in a people flung halfway across the world. While I know some of you vultures are hanging on every word, looking to take delight in each struggle and setback, the majority of my readers have really responded to the long and incoherent ramblings of my time abroad doing (GASP!) humanitarian stuff. New to this clap-trap Hobo Parlor? Below is a link to the entire Out Of Africa series.

Here are all 10 Parts

While the newfound shock of following God’s plan has worn off, the beauty and satisfaction through doing good for others has deepened and become a very permanent part of our lives. Over the past year, what started as an,”Ugh, fine.” to a friend in need and Lover Fo’ Life (a man far above my pay grade,) has blossomed into a multi-tiered calling. In a year, I’ve clocked in almost 6 weeks living and working with the incredible people of Kenya.

Worth every minute.

This summer, we arrived weeks before the Kenya election, which took place 3 days after we left Nairobi. Unfortunately, the country is engaged in very volatile tribal politics. In 2007, there were riots and battles after the results, over 1,000 innocent Kenyans died during this unstable time. In addition to the lives lost due to the unrest, Kenya took years to recover from the turmoil 2007’s elections brought.

Mercifully, when the 2012 elections came around, the country enjoyed a peaceful transfer of power. Uhuru Kenyatta, son of Kenya’s first president worked to unite the country, but tribal binds remain. Understandably, Kenyans remain on a razor’s edge. Collectively heartbroken from the last time there was an unpeaceful transfer of power, the country is clinging to prayer and faith, hoping to be spared of a repeat in carnage.

For now, riots have been contained, and the casualties are in the single digits. Kenya is currently secure, and has not suffered a feared backslide into chaos. All prayers, warm wishes, and positive vibes are greatly appreciated for this incredible country.

For my Back to Africa series, I will take you once more to this magical land that I love so much. But today, before we get this egg timer on the road, I want to show you Haven on the Hill Children’s home like I’ve never been able to before.


Lover Fo’ Life took it upon himself to film and capture footage (with the Maestro and New Pal Tommy’s help,) homeboy even bought a drone just for the trip. After hours of methodical filming, and days of editing, L4L has completed his video love letter to Haven.

While L4L is still working on a video for The Plans HE Has For You Ministries, the non-profit started by FabBab and Maestro that we’re on the board of, I couldn’t wait to share this masterpiece with you. So sit back, relax, and avoid productivity while you watch the 7.5 minute triumph. It may be Monday, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t take an impromptu trip to Africa. Besides, we could all use some uplifting content today.


Shout out to my sisters from another mister Mama Beatrice, and Elegant Elizabeth! Elizabeth, you straight up made me cry with your interview, I LOVE Y’ALL SO MUCH!

To my readers who sat thru MT’s 7+ minute labor of love, a sincere thank you for watching. I told you skanks that he’s far better than I deserve.

Until next time, my dearest readers!

Meryl Cribsy

Positive vibes only.



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  1. This was AMAZING! Wow. Just wow. I bet the kids loved seeing a drone. That had to be a special treat for them. This was such a cool journey into Haven on the Hill. Thanks MT!! You guys are awesome.

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