Bloody Gross (Alternate Title: Nailed It!)

Saturday, Love Fo’ Life and I are heading back to Kenya for what is sure to be an awe-inspiring trip. Like last summer, we will be heading up into the mountains to deliver supplies and much-needed love to the children of Gatundu. While it’s L4L’s 2nd trip back, it will be the third time in this calendar year that I’ve been. Suffice to say, I’m hooked. Not only have I fallen in love with the sweetest children in the world, but I’m head over heels for the country and its friendly people who we’ve worked with along the way.

Kenya forever!

But this post isn’t about our upcoming humanitarian mission; I’m a person of varied interests. From my life-long obsession with rediscovering the Megalodon, to an encyclopedic knowledge of useless information, I relish a multitude of superficial pursuits. Two of those mindless loves, are beauty and nonsense. Before we plunge back into the living water of do-goodery with Jesus, I figure I’d waste some on this site relishing frivolity. Enjoy!

Gurl, please.

Manicures! Few beauty rituals last, and the manicure is a prime example of its ephemera; from a coupla days to a coupla weeks at best, none last forever. After seeing Canadian artist Annelies Hofmeyr’s new creation tampon nails, I’m forever grateful that manicures are fleeting.

Absorb the tampon manicure in her full glory:


Bloody gross with the fussy strings to match, tampon manicure is the non-trend that hopefully will evaporate like all the other flash in the trash foolery I usually present to you.

Of course, since young gals these days are all about owning their ladybusiness, the stigma of the Aunt Flo is dissipating, so perhaps period nails are here to stay. Case in point, I quickly found 2 other nail odes to feminine hygiene.

A girl’s gotta have options!

Tiny tamp is as tasteful as these things get.

As with most internet image searches, I found myself down a rabbit hole of statement manicures and decided to share some of the more unusual nail art. I’m hoping these can delight/infuriate while helping you put the whole tampon nail business behind us.

First up is the meta (AKA self-reverential) nails on nails manicure which coincidentally is also by Annelies Hofmeyr.

This fierce will pierce!

Pearlized “glass nails,” are a trend that I need now. I’m a sucker for opalescent/ prismatic stuff.

Gimmie gimmie, I need!

These geode nails are naturally beautiful.


Someone’s decided to really embrace the succulents trend.

Millennial catnip.

Fidget spinner nail. Finally, a nail trend to annoy teachers and parents around the country!

Spin spin sugar.

Hopefully, those last few manicures helped you forget the feminine hygiene themed previous. If you’re still thoroughly disgusted and seeing red, cramp down and shed the negative vibes like they were useless uterine tissue. Let your love flow!



(via Thanks? Terry) 


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