Flocking Hilarious: Disneyland Attacked By a Squad of Pooping Geese

Disneyland, icon of wholesome family fun, is watching its reputation go from happiest to crappiest. Between price-hikes, lame refurbishments, and crummy cash-grabs,  Disneyland today would make Walt go full Mr. Spacely.

They want HOW MUCH for a Dole Whip!?!?!

Last week, In perhaps the greatest metaphor for Disney’s current state of customer satisfaction, 17 guests were simultaneously showered with goose crap while visiting Disneyland.

Anaheim police were called with reports of fecal matter pummeling guests; once on the scene, Hazmat crews determined the source of the poop explosion was a flock of geese (who had just completed their equivalent of Thanksgiving dinner.)

11 adults and 6 children were unlucky enough to be crammed into Disneyland when they became the stars of yet another Disney sh*tshow.


In a reassuring and completely premature announcement, the police department later tweeted: “All guests are healthy and happy,” I’m going to throw out a “fingers crossed,” just in case.

On a happy note, the poor targets were given access to private cast member changing rooms, and were provided with all new clothing, before going back to their fun.

Not bad when you consider, my Mom got crapped on by a bird at Disney World TWICE, and all we got were hours of laughs at the ol’ gal’s expense.

True Story!

For that extra chuckle, I like to picture last Friday’s poop-a-palooza with “O Fortuna”, playing in the background. Try it: Imagine 17 Disney revelers getting poop rained on them to this!



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