Give Your Mom’s Face a South Korean Vacation

I’ve been a makeup maven since 12, back when I discovered that red lipstick made my beady little blue eyes pop. Over the years, I’ve witnessed every trend, studied thousands of labels, tried everything, and given away more product than you’ll ever buy.

It’s not that I dislike my face, matter of fact, As a raving narcissist, I love lavishing regimens over my ravishing looks. Think about it, ALL the great Disney Villains have impeccable makeup, it’s an easy interest for a vapid vamp like yours truly.


A few years ago, I discovered a subreddit called “Asian Beauty,” that chronicles beloved products from Asia’s most flawlessly porcelain parts. It was while pouring over fellow maven recommendations that I was introduced to the astounding Beauty industry based in South Korea.

Besides having outrageous names like Mediheal Piggy Mom SoakSoak, Korean beauty products use cutting edge science, with quality standards that go above and beyond. My dear Jojo put it best, “Sephora is just knocking off stuff they find in Korea.” One of the most popular and beloved Asian beauty brands is TONYMOLY, which also happens to be my #1 fave brand from Korea.


3520 HWY 6 South, Sugar Land, Texas 77478

Since the “Houston-area,” is hundreds of miles, the average Houstonian is used to driving balls far to do various activities. TONYMOLY Sugar Land is tucked away in a corner of a shopping center, but trust me when I say, “YAAAAS KWEEEN! It’s well worth the journey!”

Hidden gem!!!!

While the official us TONYMOLY website sets the prices, the standalone stores set their own, and everything I found at the Sugar Land TONYMOLY location was significantly cheaper than online! I walked out with a sack of masks, makeup, and FREE FULL SIZE SAMPLES for less than an Applebee’s lunch.

No where close to a TONYMOLY location? No worries, their website is legit and offers expedited shipping to all 50 states (Amazon Prime and Sephora are also stocked with the brand!)

TM products have three awesome qualities: they really work, they’re inexpensive, and  TONYMOLY has the most precious packaging in the history of beauty products.

Now that I think about it, hardworking, precious, and cheap, describes most of your Moms. (Heeeey-ooooh!)

Why not celebrate Mommie Dearest by introducing her to the wild and wacky world of awesome asian beauty products!? Give her face a KOREAN VACATION!

Pamper the old crone!

Truth be told, she’s super over the same lame stuff you’ve been passing off for years as “heartfelt Mother’s Day presents.” Sure, as a Mom I adore hand stitched kleenex holders, and macaroni jewelry, but I also CHERISH my free time. 20 minutes that I can futz around pampering myself with a $3 facemask undisturbed, is gold as far as I’m concerned. Chances are your hardworking cheap and adorable mom feels the same dang way.

The only handprint art I wanna see.

Because all kids are lazy and prefer to take the path of least resistance, in addition to the GREAT GIFT IDEA I’ve already given you, I’m also going to share some of my favorite TONYMOLY offerings. That’s right, with a quick scroll through this post on the crapper, you can be done with your last-minute Mom gift drama, so you’re welcome for that.

Has your Mom (like mine,) already gone to that great make-up counter in the sky? Treat yo’ self instead, as YOU are her greatest gift. 

First up is Egg Pore Silky Smooth Balm 

Holy Grail Beauty Product!

Obviously, I originally bought this because of the shiny gold egg. However, much to my surprise, the balm contained inside is a wonder itself! Meant to be worn under makeup, it glides over pores controlling oil and giving you an airbrushed look for a good 4 hours. Where most primers feel like you’re suffocating your pores with spackling, this Silky Smooth Balm feels incredible. Retails from anywhere between $11-20 bucks (it pays to shop around!)


TONYMOLY has a bounty of odd but affordable and effective masks, why not get a few for Mom to try…

Strawberry Seeds 3 Step Nose Pack 


As mentioned earlier, the Asian Beauty market is far more advanced and here’s a prime example. When you think of doing a nose strip, one step and done Biore comes to mind. This has 3 steps. Chances are your Mom has done a Biore, rock her pores with this adorable system that will only set you back about $3 (or less!)

Step one is a gel that breaks up the blackheads, you wear it for 20 minutes and then it’s showtime, Step 2’s a slightly pink Biore-esque strip, apply to a damp nose and let dry. 10-15 min later, pull off and be disgusted with your blackheads and other nose gunk. As with all pore strips, your snout will be angry after you pull off step 2, and that’s where Step 3 is a MIRACLE, the cooling gel instantly relieves and closes the pores.


Mr. Smile Patch 


It’s a moustache that moisturizes your mouthlines for about $2.50 and smells like fruit heaven, irresistible!


I’m Real Sheet Masks

Varied just like everyone’s Mom’s skin, you can pick a type that fits her needs best! Priced anywhere from 1-3 bux, you can afford to take a risk!

Try ’em all!



Liptone Get It Liptint in a Mini 3 Pack 

This 3 pack is straight up the bomb. Smells like apricots and the “tints” show up nicely, I am a FAN! But again, shop around because the set goes for $11-17, which is a wide gap. (Scored mine off of Amazon Prime for $11.00) 


Cucumber Water Gel Magic Food


As mentioned earlier, TONYMOLY has the BEST packaging. This chubby buddy is a prime example. Mimicking exactly what’s inside, this cucumber container is preshy le wesh, and as a bonus will make all the gutterskanks blush. The moisturizing gel contained within is a revelation. With zero grease and fast absorption, you’d swear this cucumber gel fell off a vine. I love love love this stuff and for $9-12. Your mom will too. ProTip: keep a bottle in the fridge for summer after-sun sweet relief.

Panda’s Dream So Cool Eye Stick 

Bye bye, Panda eyes!

This little guy is a miracle in a tube. Tired swollen eyes? Swipe it underneath and watch as the illusion of a good night’s rest takes over. Hungover? The gel stick instantly cools and shrinks the evidence of your previous night’s indiscretions. Reapply during your day for a quick pick me up over makeup, it won’t smudge or leave any residue! $7-12.


That really is just a teensy list of the stuff I love from TONYMOLY, there are a ton of their products I’m not mentioning right now, simply because it would overwhelm you.

So dive into the kooky world of cutting edge Korean beauty, and show Mom that she’s never too old to squeal at cute stuff.

I leave you today with an actual TONYMOLY commercial! Spoiler Alert: It’s chock full of WTF as one would expect. YIP YIP! 













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