RIP David Bowie: Hot Tramp, I Love You So

Last night, while everyone slept off a fun-filled weekend, the world became an even darker place. David Bowie, embodiement of cool, AKA the Thin White Duke, went off to that great big sold-out stadium in the sky. He was a WAAAAY too young, 69.

Giving make-up tips to Jesus, now.

Giving make-up tips to the Angels, now.

Brilliant artist and bon vivant, Bowie was both a music and fashion icon. Today, I not only mourn the beautiful Man Who Fell to Earth, but my heart breaks for his family. Specifically, his young daughter and grown son, not to mention leaving the world’s most fierce and glamorous widow, Iman.

Supernova of sexy.

Supernova of sexy.

Thankfully, there’s a vast catalog of Bowie’s brilliant performances including his Oscar-worthy turn as Jareth the Goblin King.

Today, rather than groan at the beginning of another work-week, let’s be grateful of the time we are given and enjoy the treasure that life is. Oh who am I kidding, you sleep-deprived hung-over trollups are miserable and the only thing that can fix it is MORE d*cking around on the internet! Here are some of my favorite Bowie moments and songs.

Forever Gobblin' up Jennifer Connelly

Gobblin’ up the Ozone with his Aquanet.

First up is a clip from Labyrinth. Try not to be mesmerized by Bowie’s swimsuit region jiggles whilst he sings this gem.


If spandex and the inspiration for Axl Rose’s hair in the “Welcome to the Jungle” video aren’t your thing, perhaps some classic Bowie will properly rock your face. Ziggy Stardust to the rescue!!!!!!!!! WHAM-BAM THANK YOU MA’AM!

Here’s a non-music related stroke of brilliant, from the long-defunct “Secrets” skit series featured on Late Night with Conan O’Brien. “Ground Control, I miss my mom…”

The eighties were a strange and wonderful time for pop-culture. Heroes and legends were still out on the ho-stroll trying to make the very last of their “f*ck you money,” and did all sorts of collaborations and corporate gigs. Luckilly, BFFs David Bowie and Mick Jagger looked up from their mountains of cocaine and decided that a remake of Martha and the Vandellas “Dancing in the Streets,” was a GREAT idea.

Jagger needs to calm the f*ck down.

Jagger needs to calm the f*ck down.

Thankfully, they were on the good sh*t and also filmed an outrageous music video. Enjoy this hammy, broadway jazz-handed slap in the face of their respective legacies! (You’ve got to stick around for the first bit just for Bowie’s rock cat-like jump of power!)


I saved one of my faves for last. Goodnight, Starsailor, you’re glam-rocking with the Starman now.

All the love in the world to his kids and loved ones including the Goddess Iman.

Love lives forever.

Love lives forever.



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