Nowhere to Go But Up!

Greetings my dearest and most trusted readers! Chances are that as you read this you’re a real gloomy gus, as today is THE MOST DEPRESSING DAY OF THE YEAR!

Time to stop Jingling your bells!

Time to stop Jingling your bells!

The holidays are officially over and while you most likely spent the entire break day-drinking in your closet to avoid probing questions from your nosey extended family, today you’re mourning that sweet respite from your soul-crushing routine. Yes, it’s back to entitled brats with even worse parents (if you’re a teacher,) or perhaps your hams are crammed in a Hellish cube next to that co-worker who insists on eating extra crunchy chips, ALL DAY. Whatever the case, your ol’ pal Cribsy is here to make it all better.

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See, while YOU are sitting there, wallowing in misery, dreading what the day/week brings, I’m here to remind you that IT CAN ALWAYS BE WORSE.

Enjoy these photos of people whose Monday is EVEN CRAPPIER than YOURS!


Nothing like screwing up in front of an audience of people to witness your failure.


To be fair, Caillou was on at the time.




Talk about walking on eggshells at work!


Sh*ts about to get real for the convertible driver.


Dont try to paint this turd gold.


The smug look of being profoundly wrong.


We are all this bro-dude today. When life drops your big honkin’ sammich… YOU SHAME EAT IT OFF THE SIDEWALK!


And finally, my favorite of the lot, call me pretentious, but I see the timely symbolism in this one:

May the warm stank of Monday pour all over you.

May the warm stank of post-holiday Monday pour all over you.


Stay strong, my beautiful babies! We’re mere hours from happy hour, not to mention, I’ve got several posts in store for you this week, including a visit from my alter-ego and toy vulture, The Shopkins Baroness!





Nowhere to Go But Up! — 3 Comments

  1. Ah, I needed that. Especially with the lemur urinating on that guy’s head. Nothing funnier than leaky lemurs mixing it up with unsuspecting douche bags- classic.

  2. Thanks so much for the laughing out loud I did for this post. I don’t even care if my coworkers think I’m crazy. A belly laugh feels so good right about now!!
    Much Love Bro.

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