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Happy Monday, Y’ALL!!! If you’re in Texas, today is the FIRST day of school! Yes, our long and torturous summer dealing with entitled teens and surly short-stacks has come to a merciful end, those brats are the teacher’s bother now! Speaking of teachers, believe it or not, a large portion of my readers are teachers desperately in search of something mildly inappropriate while shirking responsibility. To you, my put-upon and trained to death friends, I say: CRIBSY’S got your back, sluts!

Today’s topic is a little late, but I decided to sandbag it until school started because quite frankly, during the Summer  I enjoy being the world’s laziest writer. But the comedy is still solid, so no need to eye-roll.

Childhood staple, and educational juggernaut, Sesame Street, has been around for 46 years, in that time it not only educated and nurtured generations of kiddos, it also became a worldwide phenomenon. When it started, Sesame Street was both government and privately funded, today the brand generates its own income through lucrative licensing deals and merchandising out the snuffleupagus.  While still a major  program for PBS, the show is not “desperate for donors,” like it once was. Big Bird and his stable of iconic children’s characters are cash cows. Again, let me clarify before we continue, THE PEOPLE WHO MAKE THE SHOW, CHILDREN’S TELEVISION WORKSHOP, HAVE PLENTY OF MONEY.

Earlier this month, the greedy tramps involved at CTW, made a deal with HBO to start having the first run of new seasons debut on the premium cable network, sure Sesame Street will be still shown on PBS, it’s home for FORTY SIX YEARS, but new episodes will not premiere on PBS until NINE MONTHS after HBO shows them…oh yeah, and they’re cutting 12 minutes off that sh*t.

Pour one out for Sesame Street, they’re on the ho-stroll for premium pay TV now. In honor of the move, I’ve saved up all my favorite Sesame Street HBO memes and present them to you now (you’re welcome.)



First up, here’s a East Bound and Down inspired Meme with Ernie as the great Kenny Powers:

Thanks, Meme King!

Thanks, Meme King!


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This next one is PURE PERFECTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

960x540 (2)

Lover Fo’ Life was charged with a simple command: “Make me some hahas.”

and that he did, all of the following are straight from his nimble fingertips and hilarious mind.






Finally, my personal favorite of the series, mainly because I’m a sucker for the Kermit drinking tea meme…




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