Holy Knit!

Okay, it’s crochet, not knitting, but what 2-bit hack blogger could resist such a title?

Howdy babies! Did you miss me???

Sorry, I’ve been busy Scrooge McDucking the duck out of my biz. As you might recall, I accidentally went into business, and that business is booming. My alter ego (one of many,) the Shopkins Baroness, has been out grinding non-stop, well…not actually, but mostly. Tomorrow she’s going to grace y’all with her presence once again with a fresh dispatch from the throne.


SEASON THREE IS HERE! (Not that you tramps would know what I’m talking about.)

In the meantime, enjoy a little escape from productivity today!

Australian artist Phil Ferguson crochets hats made to look like various foods and whimsical items. Phil then models and shares them on his instagram the result is a hilarious display of skill. For me, my favorite part is the juxtaposition of his expression and the adorable hats.


crochet-food-hats-by-phil-ferguson-chiliphilly-10 crochet-food-hats-by-phil-ferguson-chiliphilly-3 crochet-food-hats-by-phil-ferguson-chiliphilly-12 crochet-food-hats-by-phil-ferguson-chiliphilly-8 crochet-food-hats-by-phil-ferguson-chiliphilly-1 crochet-food-hats-by-phil-ferguson-chiliphilly-14 crochet-food-hats-by-phil-ferguson-chiliphilly-9 crochet-food-hats-by-phil-ferguson-chiliphilly-13 crochet-food-hats-by-phil-ferguson-chiliphilly-6 crochet-food-hats-by-phil-ferguson-chiliphilly-2 crochet-food-hats-by-phil-ferguson-chiliphilly-11 crochet-food-hats-by-phil-ferguson-chiliphilly-5 crochet-food-hats-by-phil-ferguson-chiliphilly-16

My fave of the set!

My fave of the set!


(Thanks, Misty!) 


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  1. I think my favorite is the Honey Bun on the side of the head, the only reason being his pouty lips 😀 Close second is the banana that looks like a grossly ineffective condom.

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