You Big Tease.

Howdy kiddies, Happy Monday! (BOOOOO!)

I don’t feel like doin’ sh*t today. Unfortunately, in my advancing age I have acquired something of a “heart,” and felt bad about YOU. I just can’t get you hard-working hussies out of my mind, while I’m loafing around eating cheese whiz from the jar, YOU’RE STUCK IN A SOUL-CRUSHING HAMSTER WHEEL OF ENDLESS WORK.

So I’m announcing that tomorrow I will be debuting a post all about a worm-hole of obsessive insanity that I’ve recently been dropped into. As with everything in my life, you’ll have a guaranteed laugh at my expense.

Basically, today’s post is one big teaser for tomorrow’s post with the working title: “The Shopkins Barroness of Park Brook Drive.”

It’s a tale of obsession, money, and an insatiable lust for something that comes in a little plastic bag.


Suzanne Sugarbaker, Patron Saint of Grouchy Muffin.

Suzanne Sugarbaker, Patron Saint of Grouchy Muffin.

In the meantime, please enjoy this youtube video of a squirrel drunk on fermented pumpkin. (AKA You, Saturday Night.)

Until tomorrow, my darlings.





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  1. this is Reynolds sisters humor. I can hear and see sunt Sunshine and mother laughing hysterically with tears running down

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