Post By Mad Dad: Life In Ebola Central


Life In Ebola Central

This post is inspired by a couple of co-workers that had a real issue while discussing the ebola “outbreak” in Dallas in an attempt to determine whether Africa was a country or a continent.

As an outsider to the “madness” in the Big D, I wanted to encapsulate what it’s like living in GROUND ZERO for one of the most debilitating, atrocious and infectious diseases: STUPIDITY.

It’s not like I take ebola lightly. Well, scratch that. Let me rephrase. Ebola is what it is. What we must be steadfast against during these most trying of times is overestimating the critical thinking and problem solving skills of other human beings.

Ebola we can put in a petri dish and study. Humans are a different matter.

It’s clear now after the death of the Liberian national Thomas Eric Duncan and the infection of two healthcare workers, who attempted to help him that we were woefully unprepared for ebola.

What hasn’t helped is the attempt by hospital administrators, the CDC and others to downplay the introduction of ebola to American society (needless to say, it might take about five minutes of Honey Boo Boo to shoo ebola back to western Africa … WHY HAVE NOT DEPLOYED OPERATION HONEY BOO BOO!?!?).

Most Americans are kinda dumb. Nothing personal. But we rely too much on media that tries to create a narrative to boost readership, clicks or viewers and then through shotty storytelling or even worse interpretation, facts get shuffled and the next thing we know we are seeing if people float to make sure they are witches before we burn them at the stake.

Dumb, yes. Panicky, not really. Y2K was a panicky moment, sure. Generally, though, we play it cool. Are we booking flights to western Africa? No. Are we volunteering at Texas Presbyterian Hospital? No. Are we turning into the Thunderdome? Hardly. If nothing else, a lifetime of shopping at Walmart has prepared us for the very worst of human degradation. The petri dish that is Walmart has probably made some of us resistant to most afflictions.

In my city of Midlothian, there was a witch hunt for a healthcare provider who has apparently been with the initial ebola victim who lives IN OUR TOWN and HAS CHILDREN that GOES TO SCHOOL WITH OUR CHILDREN!!!!

So the detectives known as “moms that stay at home and have nothing to do but panic” went on the hunt for this alleged “DOCTOR” who was attempting to “MURDER ALL OF OUR CHILDREN.”

Also interesting subplot is the second individual to  test positive for ebola, a nurse, has a dog and it’s possible for canines to carry the disease without showing symptoms. And this dog is getting headlines with the ironic twist of “THE HUMANS KNEW WHAT THEY WERE GETTING INTO” while the dog is an innocent bystander of human’s defiance of God and sin.

The ebola holocaust could start tomorrow, yet, we must first create a contingency for the dogs.

Stay safe out there, folks.

-Mad Dad

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