Gimme Gimme, I Need: THE PIZZA CAKE!


YAY Y'ALL!!!!!!!!!

YAY Y’ALL!!!!!!!!!

For the record, I’ve never been so happy to see a month GTFO. As previously mentioned on this shabby joke-shanty of a blog:

9/1 my Mom unexpectedly peaced out forever

9/3 was Baby Bro’s saddest birthday ever

9/8 = our late Mother’s b-day

9/13 We laid the ol’ Gal to rest

Today is 9/30 (also our dead Nana’s birthday,) but more importantly, it’s the last f*cking day of this super sh*tty month, HOORAY!!! I’m not sure if I’ll hate EVERY September from here on out, but this time around there’s cause for celebration once it finally fux off.

Yes, I’m aware that many of you lucky jerks (who still have Moms) thought September ’14 “wasn’t SO bad.” Heck, for some of you fortunate sluts, this month was downright AWESOME. To y’all I say, “Good for you.”

Today I’m decorating Casa de Cribsy for Halloween, tomorrow…my holiday season officially begins. See, October 1st is a little over 2 weeks away from Angry Baby’s birthday. 10/16 my little tiny despot who rules with an iron (yet sticky) fist, turns 4, and while there won’t be pony rides or tilt-a-whirls, we will be having a birthday party for her, so I’ve gots to get planning. After kiddos b-day jam, we’ve got Halloween exactly two weeks later, and once November rolls around it’s all about  THANKSGIVING AT THE RANCH planning! After I’ve orchestrated a meal for 20+ and celebrated with my favorite folks, we’re straight up in Hanukkah/ Christmastime. Then, one week after Santa Claus takes his crushed velvet and silver bear glitter show on the road, we’re at a NEW YEAR!

What will 2015 hold for me and my peeps? Hopefully sh*t tons of joy and laughter.

Yes, all that stands between me and holiday celebratory bliss, is one more crappy-assed day in the worst month ever. Thankfully, those tramps at Pillsbury did you and I a solid and have unveiled a cake so incredible, the dang thing ITSELF is worth celebrating. Say hello to the GREATEST cake ever created, THE PIZZA CAKE!



With a few simple PRE MADE(!) ingredients, this glorious creation can be yours, and the prep seems fairly straight forward.

The hardest step is locating one of this tall as hail cake pans. No worries, I’m sure Williams-Sonoma has one for the price of your first born’s soul.


Moving on…You’ll need some pre-made tomato sauce, shredded cheese, pepperoni (or any toppings you prefer) and the coup de gras: Pillsbury pre-made pizza dough (available in the refrigerated section.)

From there the pics are pretty self-explanatory:

2 (1) oh-yes-we-did-pepperoni-pizza-cake_04 3 4 5

Finally, Cover the crust edge in aluminum foil (as not to burn it) and bake at 400 for 25-30 minutes. Pull out the parchment paper, remove the crust foil, and let sit for 5 minutes before slicing like a regular cake.


I don’t know about y’all, but I can’t think of a better way to celebrate the demise of 9/2014 than by eating CAKE FOR DINNER! I’ve got to hand it to that plump Jezebel, the Pillsbury Doughboy, he’s a freak who knows we LIKE IT NASTY AND TOTES UNHEALTHY!!



Truth be told, a brilliant blogger over at SO GOOD actually created this beauty, but Pillsbury made it bigger, easier, and brought it to my attention first.

Sayonara, September 2014, the HARDEST MONTH OF MY ENTIRE LIFE, don’t let the door hit ‘cha.





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