Ghostbusters Donuts (Alternate Title: Crap, Now I Have To Find A Krispy Kreme)

Happy friday kids! Well, we’ve made it through another week, seems like each one is getting a little easier here. Tomorrow marks 7 days since Mom’s funeral, and today my Dad is coming up to spend the day with Angry Baby while L4L and I go out and celebrate 10 years of wedding bliss.

The old man is champing through his sorrow, and Valor is key to his recovery these days. Even though Pops has said, “I love you too,” more times in the past 3 weeks than he has in my ENTIRE LIFE, and he’s been super supportive through this sh*tty hand we’ve all been dealt, the Dad we know and love is STILL THERE. Perfect example, yesterday I told him, “Hey, when you come over I’ve got the new Godzilla available to watch.” Without hesitation Dad replied, “No thanks, not interested. I saw the ORIGINAL Godzilla, no need to watch reboot trash. Besides, why did they give the lead to the Breaking Bad guy, Nicolas Cage would have been a better choice.”

Don’t ever change, Dad. 


So, it is with a smile on my face and optimism in my heart, that I share some GREAT NEWS just in time for the weekend. Particularly great for those of you who adore DONUTS with movie promotional tie-ins. Krispy Creme, purveyors of fried confection perfection have teamed up with the powers at be to offer special GHOSTBUSTERS 30th ANNIVERSARY EDITION DONUTS! The commemorative ‘nuts are marshmallow-cream filled delights that come in two versions: one is the Ghostbusters logo complete with a slime flourish, and the other is THE STAY-PUFT MARSHMALLOW MAN!

Gozer will Dozer your Diet!

Gozer will Dozer your Diet!


Ghostbuster donuts don’t go on sale until 9/29 and will be available through Halloween. Why am I telling you of this wondrous creation a full ten days before it becomes available? Simple, it’s going to take some of us all that extra time to find a damn Krispy Kreme. Back in the go-go days of the early 00’s, Krispy Kreme was available at every gas station and grocery store in my area. Sadly, KK went BUST 5 years later, and all traces of the icon vanished from my neck of the woods. Good news is, I’ve got a full TEN DAYS to find one, and rumor has it, that they’ve re-opened a stand alone in the Houston-area (or will be very soon?) Regardless, that sh*t is still everywhere around the country, worst case scenario I’ll just guilt trip/bribe y’all into scoring me one of each, I mean my mother DID just…

…which leads me to a programming note: I think I’m finally ready to start writing about the events on and since 9/1/14. The plan is to sit in my office for a few hours this weekend and write whatever comes to me. I can’t promise that it will be interesting, funny, touching or non-boring, but I can assure you that it’s going to be straight from the vault, AKA my heart. Don’t like it? Tough sh*t. My site, my rules. Now, get out there and grab your Friday by the egg basket!

Your Pal,





Ghostbusters Donuts (Alternate Title: Crap, Now I Have To Find A Krispy Kreme) — 4 Comments

  1. Some of us who live in Cowtown work near a kk so so so guess where I will go go go Monday? Or at least a store that carries kk…… on another note the original Godzilla movies r the best ur dad is right just gotta not look at the cars that his tail knocks over too too close (I kid u not one said Tonka on the movie I watched as a kid) and yes before u ask I was noticing stuff like that way way way back tooooo lol

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