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Well kiddies, I thought I’d check in one last time before the downhill race to my mother’s memorial service tomorrow. I’m currently in the midst of the final preparations for family who will be arriving this evening, and editing the Eulogy that I will delivering entirely too soon come morning. Each day it gets a bit easier, but make no mistake, tears and sob fest breakdowns still pepper our days. Somehow putting all this together for the old gal has brought me the comfort of consuming my free time. Because I know many of you that want to be there tomorrow, can’t, I’ll be posting my final draft tomorrow here just before I leave for the church. Dramatic and macabre? Sure, but hey, it’s my f*cking blog and I”M THE ONE WITH THE MOM WHO JUST PEACED OUT FOREVER. So if I want to post my stupid eulogy, by gum, I will.

Oh well, enough navel gazing for today.

The previous post was all about Picture day WINS and today’s post is about a high schooler who is WINNING AT LIFE!!!

Draven Rodriguez, in addition to having pretty much the perfect Soap Opera Villain name, is a Schenectady High School Senior who has been planning his Senior Photo since last year. In a nod to his love of the internet, and cat Mr. Bigglesworth, Draven had a professional picture of the two taken and submitted it to the yearbook staff as his portrait .




Because internet gold is fleeting and printed yearbooks are forever, the laser backdropped awkward family photo, was declined admission into the portraits section. However, in a victory for ironic humorists everywhere, they are allowing the exquisite piece of art to be printed elsewhere in the book. HOORAY FOR THE INTERNETS! Draven insists that he’s not trying to mastermind a jewel heist make a statement, but merely expressing his individuality.

 “I’m not trying to make any statement, other than my photo is ridiculous and this is how I am.”


Good for you Draven Rodriguez!


I know what y’all are thinking, you’re proud that I made it all this way through this cat post without making a p*ssy joke. To that I say: “kid’s still in high school, show some class, sleazebag.”

Your Pal,


PS: I’m sensitive that most of you dickwhistles reading this post are planning on having a SUPER TERRIFIC weekend, and let’s face it, everyone deserves one. School’s back in session, cotton candy grapes are a thing, and pumpkin spice haters are already in full effect. Technically, we’re still a full 10 days until the official start of Fall, which means that you’ve got one last HOT AND CRAZY Summer weekend stretching out in front of you. Go out there and have a drink (or 5) for me. You were born to be alive!






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