Crazy Prancercise Lady Returns (Alternate Title: Jigglin’ Plumz)

Last year, the world was introduced to the unending glamour and beauty of Joanna Rohrback, inventor of Prancercise®, the only trademarked exercise regimen that has you prancing your way to fitness. If you’ve never watched this gorgeous gazelle in action, just know that flailing arms, hilarious inspirational wisdom and light jazz abound in her video treasures.

Bow down!

Bow down!

Last week, America’s favorite earthworm-armed beauty returned with a new workout video, this one has horses and a side of mooseknuckes. Apparently, Joanna has a super foxy horse trainer friend named Victor Cutino who shares her love of prancing. Vic also loves wearing skin-tight zebra workout pants that show off his big ol’ floppy dong. Once you set eyes on his bouncing ballsack, you’ll be forever mesmerized.

Celebrate this TUES-the-Extreme day by shirking your duties for a few moments and taking in this vast amount of visual beauty.

Ms. Rohrback’s reedy voice, Victor’s jingling coin purse, the office building bathroom soundtrack, it’s all doing something for me. What can I say? I’m a sucker for the male version of cameltoe.

Get it Gurl!

Get it Gurl!




Crazy Prancercise Lady Returns (Alternate Title: Jigglin’ Plumz) — 1 Comment

  1. So frolicking, then. Why can’t THIS take off like the Harlem Shake? I want to see millions of people making prancercise videos.

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