Ninja Hairclip is Actually 7 Different Survival Tools

Gather ’round, ladies. Your old pal Cribsy is about to turn you on to the best less than ten bucks you’ll ever spend.

Say hello to the Leatherdos, an unassuming barrette that just might save your life. 



Yaacov Goldman, has created a 7 piece multi-tasker that is essentially a stainless steel mini-toolbox.

The Leatherdos does it all!



It cuts! 





Turnt up.

Turnt up.

Throw in the fact that the Leatherdos also has a built-in ruler, wrench and THREE different screwdrivers, and you’ve got the best set of tools, all cleverly tucked away in your hair. Talk about lending you a hand!

What a tool!

What a tool!

Trust me kids, if there’s one thing I know about, it’s juggling tools, and the Leatherdos DOES it ALL!

The name Leatherdos, is a clever nod to the Leatherman multi-tool, a staple of male Christmas stockings, and “I don’t know, just get him SOMETHING.”

Come at me bro.

Come at me bro.


Salty clipper ship captains, your granddad, and the husky lesbian down the street, are already way ahead of us on this one, they’ve been carrying the Leatherman for ages, best join them in the prepared column and procure a Leatherdos ASAP.

I know what you’re thinking: if this is a woman’s survival item, where is the mini crowbar to jettison horrible dates/ annoying friends talking your ear off about their stupid dumb crap? How about an invisibility cloak storage compartment for the next time a 90-year-old at the grocery store asks you where to find the “vaginal itch cream?” And while the Leatherdos has neither, I can assure you that this still is some JANE BOND sh*t right here. Don’t be surprised if you start driving an Aston Martin after you buy one of these beauties, and speedo clad-dudes with names like “Oliver Kissus” and “Johnson Galore” start riding your jock.

You can buy one HERE. Did I mention that this baby only costs a measly 9 smackers? Think about it girls, for less than the price of admission to a horrible Kate Hudson romantic comedy, you can purchase this survival staple. Seriously Ladies, invest in one now because chocolate, make-up, and pedicures aren’t going to save your life. You need this transforming wonder to thwart all that the world throws your way.

And before you jackals rip me apart for not including the dudes, I will say this: YES, this is a unisex tool.  Menfolk are just as welcomed to snap one into their tresses. Bald as a baby hamster? No worries fellas, you can always clip the Leatherdos to your monster crotch bush.





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  1. Naked and Afraid here I come! But I’ll be Naked and Faaaab-UUUUU-LUSSSSS wit muh hur all did. Dumba*s dude with the flint rock, you can suck it.

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