Precious Re-Imagined Movie Posters

Olaf Cuadras has a knack for digital design. His cartoon-like minimalist style has been sought out for posters by multiple musical acts like Bon Iver, Wilco, Death Cab for Cutie, and a metric ton of other bands that the cashier at Whole Foods hums under her breath while she judges your purchase choices.



But it’s not his album covers and gig posters that caught my eye, Olaf has a talent for re-imagining movie posters and let me just tell you, they’re adorable to the maximum. Sit back, relax, and covet all of these clever pieces of ART!


First up, let’s check in with those macho besties, Tango & Cash

tango and cash


Speaking of Cash, here’s a stylized Eli Cash from The Royal Tenenbaums





Next, it’s my favorite Sandra Bullock movie, Demolition Man




In other bleak illustrations of the near-future, it’s Terminator 2

terminator 2



OK this one’s a TV show (but adorbz all the same) Mod-Fam



His Big Lebowski deserves two separate posters:


The Dude with Walter…



…and don’t f*ck with the Jesus




Here’s Die Hard with Willis and Rickman, the ONLY Die Hard as far as I’m concerned: 




Nothing wrong with some Zoolander, Cudaras’ Mugatu is precious! 




Here’s Lover fo’ Life’s all-time most loved movie, Apocalypse Now





And finally, it’s fitting that my favorite movie is also Olaf’s best (in my opinion, which is the only one that matters on this slut-cluster of a website.) 

Behold, Pulp Fiction



For a measly 30 bones each, you can buy all of these (and more!) HERE.




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