Justin Bieber = Hero (Alternate title: This Is How We Do It)


Well kiddies, make a note of the date and mark it as a red letter day on your calendars, because as you can already surmise by my click-bait title, JUSTIN BIEBER HAS FINALLY DONE THE WORLD A SOLID!

Oh Goy.

Oh Goy.

This past weekend, the evil boy king of pop music’s manager, Scooter Braun got married. Seeing as Scooter has helped the juvenile delinquent rake in a mountain of cash, Justin performed at the ceremony, and stuck around for the reception. That’s where the Beibs found his calling, documenting other celebrities.

Tom Hanks, national treasure and all-around mensch, was also in attendance and even wore a yarmulke with tallit. But Tom isn’t just some schlump, content with loading up on free booze and finger foods, he actually got up and celebrated with the crowd.

"So I reach for my 40 and I turn it up..."

“So I reach for my 40 and I turn it up…”

When the band began playing Montell Jordan’s classic party hit, “This Is How We Do It,” Tom let the power of the boogie compel him. Thankfully, Justin caught it all on his (grainy as Hell) cell.

Ladies and Gentlemen, for your eye-feasting pleasure, I give you TOM HANKS showing all the neighbors that he’s got much flavor.


Pretty incredible, eh?

I could watch this on a loop for hours. One half of Bosom Buddies, raising the roof to one of the greatest party jams of the 90’s? It’s pretty much all that and a box of chocolates. Your move, Bill Murray. (Turner is about to steal all the hooch and win the internet forever.)



PS- Until today, this was previously my favorite version of, “This Is How We Do It:”


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