Popsicle + Alcohol =Boozesicles

Happy Summer, y’all! This past weekend we kicked Spring to the curb and are now officially in the times of heat, swimsuits, outdoor BBQ’s and POPSICLES!

But what happens when the mosquitoes swarm, sun blisters, and the sweat flows? Why, because it’s Summer, we drown our seasonal discomforts in BOOZE!

Sadly, today is Monday, which means most of you tramps are lamenting life and hating any indication that some people (the lion share being brats & bragging teachers,) are on Summer break. But cheer up darlings, for I have some COOL SUMMER treats that YOU can enjoy, AND ALL INVOLVE ALCOHOL!


Here are 10 frozen treats that will intoxicate you with the elixir of the season!


First up, it’s Peach Bourbon Lemonade Popsicles:


Get the recipe for this peach of a boozesicle Here!


I do declare, this Mint Julep treat is a DANDY!

mint julep

Slap on your seersucker suit and learn to make it Here!



Class up a Tequila Sunrise by FREEZING IT: 


Make it Here!


Perhaps you and Tequila are still sideways with each other after that infamous Spring Break all those years ago, in that case:

Here’s the Bourbon Butterscotch Latte Pop!

bourbon butterscotch


Recipe Here!


Just about EVERYONE will love MUDSLIDES ON A STICK: 


This genius creation’s instructions are Here!



Enjoy a jolly good Pim’s Cup: 


The classic recipe is Here!


If you like Pina Coladas...

pina coladas 

Mix it up with Pina Colada Pops Here!



Impress your well-heeled friends and rich old Aunt with the French 75 Popsicle:

French 75

Get the directions Here!


Bailey’s Poptails are a sure-fire success, even your Nana will love these: 


Recipe Here!


And my personal favorite, Cucumber Ginger Gin Popsicles: 

Fun Fact: I've deemed 2014 the Summer of the Cucumber.

Fun Fact: I’ve deemed 2014 the Summer of the Cucumber.


Glory can be found Here!




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