Mad Dad in Sin City (A Post By Mad Dad)


Mad Dad in Sin City

Las Vegas is not really a city for me. I don’t enjoy germ-ridden cities of vice, regret, loneliness and sadness like your typical guy.

Still, there’s something about the city that I do like, enough to make a third visit (with the friendly couple we visited Disney World with) recently.

What I Like About Las Vegas

For one, it’s the only reason to visit the state of Nevada. Otherwise, you’d probably never go. Other than that, I encourage you go into a casino and just listen. There’s a hum that cascades from the gaming machines and tables. It bounces off the ceiling and between the walls. It’s melodic and entrancing. It’s more than just paychecks going towards a new hotel pool or another wing of rooms. It’s the siren’s song. It’s an unspoken energy of people having … fun.

People don’t have fun anymore. It’s one of the few things that Americans have shed from our European ancestry. We work too hard. Even vacations are about doing as much as possible as quickly as possible in the span of five days because you have to get back to work. There are no museums in Las Vegas. The entire purpose of Las Vegas is to drink, eat, gamble and have a 19-year-old “nursing student” named Crystal inundate your face with glitter from her bosom. It’s as carnal as you get, and that’s refreshing.

Speaking Of Museums …

A buddy and I did take a mini day trip to the nearby Hoover Dam. Best part of our excursion. It is simply remarkable seeing and understanding what those workers were able to do in the 1920s with hammers, TNT and a bunch of concrete. Plus, you’ll see something you’ll not see anywhere else: A government job that came under budget and two years ahead of schedule. (RIM SHOT)


From my very first trip to Las Vegas to my most recent visit, I always observe how many foreigners pick Sin City as their destination. Particularly Asians (Koreans, Japanese) and Europeans.

Please note: Las Vegas, for all its charm, is like Blazing Saddles, when the town of Rock Ridge builds the false façade in order to trick the posse of renegades into not destroying the real town. It’s not New York, but the casino and hotel New York New York attempts to recreate New York. It’s not Paris, but the hotel and casino Paris has an Eiffel Tower, Parisian streets and cafes.

So, why fly across the globe and spend thousands to visit a city that desperately wants to recreate other cities? It must be the strippers.


We were talking about what job we would want if we lived in Las Vegas and we had to pick something in the entertainment/hospitality arena (also assuming we had no other additional skills like playing the piano). Cab driver? Tour guide? Concierge? Housekeeper? Caterer? Cook? Stripper? The guys and gals that pass out the prostitute trading cards on the Strip?

I chose a card dealer. For one, you work a hot table with lots of winning and you can bank on tips. You can work different games. However, the main appeal is wishing some jerk to lose and then seeing someone nice win a lot of money.

Letting Our Hair Down

Why do I secretly sorta like Las Vegas? Because it’s the only city that’s really shows how uptight Americans are. Something I thought about as I saw people spend gobs of money over four days: Why don’t more cities dive into lust, greed and personality-altering indulgence? Even when Vegas is “down” it’s never really down. It’s Vegas down, which is not down in the same ways that other cities get hit with economic downturn.

How many Americans visit Las Vegas? And how many see the mobile billboard for Cheetahs featuring a trio of barely-clothed females and just shake their head in disappointment? Yet, I would bet those same Americans are frightened of their city allowing beer and wine sales. I know people who smoke pot that don’t want it legalized in their state for the fear of their children smoking. I guess it’s a “not in my backyard” mentality, but it’s a dumb way to look at things.

Americans love cutting loose.  Too bad we don’t do it more often.


-Mad Dad



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