Put a (Troubled) Bird On It


Artist Matt Adrian calls himself the Mincing Mockingbird, and he does beautiful portraits of birds. Mr. Mockingbird decided to do a field guide filled with his work, The Mincing Mockingbird Guide to Troubled Birds. 


Here’s a snippet from the publisher:

Throughout the book the reader will discover tales of murder, assault, mental breakdowns, obesity, drug abuse and infidelity among the birds. This guide is used and recommended by law enforcement agencies and ignored by leading ornithologists.

We are only just discovering the reality of our avian adversaries, with their reptilian brains, their appetites for mayhem and the fact that they fly mostly to spite us. To ignore the information found within this volume may be at the peril of your very life.


The guide teaches us that birds are hedonistic, murderous, supersluts, chock-full o’ spite.



They’re slaves to the sexy and unabashedly superficial:


troubled bird6


Birds love hitting the good sh*t: 

troubled bird1


They know a creep when they see one: 

troubled bird5


Birds have no problem getting into fisticuffs: 

troubled bird4


They sometimes go out on a limb (crowd groans)…only to have that nonsense fail miserably: 

troubled bird2


Birds are guilty of second-guessing: 

troubled bird



Pure Evil never looked so precious: 


troubled bird3


Buy it  HERE!  





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