London Bawling

Lover Fo’ Life is currently away on business in Jolly ol’ London Town. He won’t be back until next month.



I’ll spare you the details of my state. It’s best we not discuss the underwater swim cries, binge re-watching of old Girls episodes, or the fact that since Saturday I’ve eaten an entire carton of roasted garlic from the Whole Foods olive bar.

You know the old saying: “When the cat’s away, the mice will…eat so much garlic they get Walrus farts that smell like Sbarro.” 

Gone but not forgotten.

Garlic is my mistress when L4L is gone.


In his many years traveling the world, L4L has developed certain routines, one of which is photographing awesome graffiti he encounters while abroad. Thankfully, UK Artist Mobstr, has graced the London streets with plenty of clever pieces. (Happy Hunting, MT!)


mobstr6jpg mobstr4 mobstr5jpg mobstr1 mobstr7jpg






London Bawling — 2 Comments

  1. LOVE! And I feel your pain with your L4L being away…pass the garlic please *sigh*
    (Side Note: Brian comes home FOR GOOD next Tuesday! No more ARMY. Already got out the PAM cooking spray! Ha!)

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