Watch a Homeless Man Get a Home (Your Grinch Heart Will Grow 3 Sizes)

2 Months Ago, YouTube user, MagicofRahat debuted his “Homeless Lottery Winner,” where a homeless man was given a winning fake lottery ticket and rewarded with a very REAL $1,000.


If you haven’t seen the internet sensation (Mom) please take a moment to catch up.


In a heartwarming twist, Rahat was so touched by Eric’s generosity, that he decided to start a crowdfunded charity for him, with 100% of the donations going to Eric. Rahat’s campaign raised over $44,000 in 30 days (AND has GROWN to over $52,000!!!) Yesterday, Rahat debuted an update video, that will melt even the coldest of hearts.

So. Many. Feels.

What is this moisture my eye is suddenly secreting and, why won’t it stop!? 




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