Bad Grandma is Living the Good Life

An 86-year-old Granny is winning Twitter and spanking you in the cool points department. Might as well pack it up, and quit the internets forever, because we’ll never be as fantastical as “Baddie Winkle,”

She was born in 1928 and has been “Stealing your man ever since.” Winkle is a tie-dye wearing hipster who enjoys the finer things in life: Rainbows, getting “Turnt,” and smoking giant blunts of weed. In short, she’s everything we want to be when we grow up.

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Here are just some of her more recent tweets:


“Why Twerk When You Can Hula Hoop?”

bad granny 11

Words to live by!


“Peace to all”

bad granny 4

At 86, technically she’s an ALMOST 90’s Child



“On My way to steal your man.”

bad granny 10



“Trying to live a little longer.”

bad granny 12

Showing Miley how taking drugs and sticking out your tongue is done.



“Straight Up.”

bad granny1




“Y’all need Jesus.”

bad granny




bad granny2

Finally, a selfie worth taking.


“Having dinner at Hooters, what a babe!”

bad granny 3

Fried pickles on the table = Doin’ it right.


“Stayin’ Rad.”

The donut socks set it off!

The donut socks set it off!


“Winking at all you cute boys.”

bad granny 8

Get it gurl!


“Praying for the basics.” If you don’t know what a “basic” is (Mom), here’s an explanation.

bad granny14



“Having a sunshiny day.”

bad granny 9

LOL @ the smiley face weed leaf.


Fun Fact: her “Favorite” Great-Granddaughter is helping Baddie run her very own Etsy Shop!


2 gorgeous gals!



As usual, I saved my favorite for last..


“Life Alert: Caught the feels.”

bad granny 7

Help- I’m laughing, and I can’t get up!


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