Bleak Movies Coloring Book For Kids (Alternate Title: My Heart Will Crayon)

When he’s not making excellent TRUE DETECTIVE fan art, Todd Spence is a writer/editor for

Solid gold awesome.

Solid gold awesome.

This week, the pop-culture artist digitally released a parody coloring book for kids, but this fake-coloring book doesn’t just stay in the lines, it crosses them!



Todd’s Bleak Movies Coloring Book for Kids taps into a sunnier side of sad cinema. Rather than focus on the sads, these coloring pages provide a positive ending. While happiness eluded these big screen heroes, it’s nothing that the rose-tinted crayon of youth can’t fix.


First up is David Fincher’s dark classic, Seven.

Forget his pregnant wife’s head in a box, in this book Kevin Spacey gave Brad Pitt BUNNIES!!!!



The Shining’s Danny and Dad, murderous grievances set aside for the national pastime:



Requiem For a Dream’s Mr. Golfarb is jonesin’ for a silver lining!



I think we all know which one The Fly should choose…



In The Exorcist, the Priest didn’t die, he jetpacked outta there!



And finally, Reservoir Dogs, my FAVE of the set! Two natty-dressed criminals enjoy bloody good cheeseburgers!



Todd is taking suggestions for movies to include in volume 2, hit him up on twitter to submit

FYI: can buy some of his awesome art here.



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