Ken Burns Documents Ha-Has

Alright you unwashed hookers and fart-joke enthusiasts: it’s time to bust out the Earl Grey tea, play a little light Jazz, and slap on some glasses, because I’m slipping you the intellectual tip.


Hey, girl.

Hey, girl.

Ken Burns AKA king of the documentary, is known for his lengthy looks at various historical and cultural  American touchstones. The Civil War has been in constant rotation in schools since it debuted in 1990, and his Baseball series is a must for any fan of the game. From Dust Bowls and to National Parks, whatever the filmmaker touches turns to gold.  Pretentious dinner party conversation gold.

Eugene Mirman is a semi well-known stand-up comedian. Truth be told, he’s one of my personal favorites, you might recognize him from HBO’s Flight of the Conchords. He’s also the voice of Gene in Bob’s Burgers and Cecil Tunt on Archer.



Both Ken and Eugene are alums of Hampshire College, and the two teamed up to make an awesome advertisement for the school. Watch and enjoy because, let’s face it, it’s the first and LAST time you’ll be able to say you saw “a quick Ken Burns Documentary.”


You know, when he isn’t getting his balls gargled by PBS, Ken Burns is a pretty funny trick.





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