Rant: Let’s Talk About Bossy


Yesterday I was made aware of perhaps the most unnecessary campaign in the history of childhood. Say hello to the Ban Bossy,” movement.


Started by Sheryl Sandberg, the Chief Operating Officer for Facebook, the goal is to eradicate the term, “bossy,” as it is apparently crushing little girls’ self-esteem. Where boys are called “leaders” when they take-charge, girls are simply dismissed as bossy.

Sheryl has teamed up with America’s favorite cookie peddlers, the Girl Scouts, and is asking that everyone make a pledge to cease using the term. She explains:

“We call girls bossy on the playground,” Sandberg said. “We call them too aggressive or other B-words in the workplace. They’re bossy as little girls, and then they’re aggressive, political, shrill, too ambitious as women.”


For starters, there’s nothing wrong with the word bossy, nor is the word a gender-specific derogatory term. Bossy is a nice way of telling children to calm the hell down, and remind them that they are not in charge. I’ve called plenty of boys bossy. The specific term I use in my life for any child trying to run things in an abrasive or pushy manner is, “bossy britches.”

Speaking of BOSSY BRITCHES, Angry Baby is going through a boss phase. She insists on telling everyone in our family what to do.

Singing a song? Not if Angry Baby AKA bossy britches is around.


Want to sit in your favorite comfy chair? Nope.


Thinking about wearing that dress you like? Think again, jerkface.

“I don’t like your dress, WEAR THIS INSTEAD!”

Why, ol’ bossy britches is EVEN a budding nutritionist…

“Give me your soda, here’s some nice water instead, Mommy.”

In all honesty, bossy is much better than saying what’s really on the mind of a million adults who deal with kids on the regs. What we really want to say is: “You’re kind of being an a**hole, kid.”

Seriously folks, let’s stop trying to make #banbossy happen. If you’re truly concerned about the self-esteem of young women, let’s ban far more detrimental cancers on little lady confidence.

Cancers like:

The Disney Princess Phenomenon. 

Oy Gevalt.

Oy Gevalt.

Look, I know you tramps love Disney, and even I’ve been known to throw several grand at the evil cooperation, but this princess sh*t has gotten WAAAAY out of control. We are raising a generation of women who believe that they are entitled princesses of perfection, and when the time is right, a “Prince Charming,” will whisk them away. No ma’am.  


Oversexualizing girls by dressing them as prostitots. 


Just stop.

Just stop.


I get it, kids are sooo little and cute. One way to emphasize this fact is dressing them up as tiny grown ups, complete with adult accessories (cell-phones etc.) Problem is, mini skirts, and crop-tops on little girls are still mini-skirts and crop-tops. This whole “girl not yet a woman- dressing like a full grown woman” trend started about 8 years ago, when Miley Cyrus galloped into girlhood’s collective conscience as Hannah Montana. Matter of fact, Miley is the prototypical prostitot, and we all know how that turned out.

Bottom line? Cover your kid’s bottom line. Enough with the Lil’ Streetwalker version of everything.

Homegirl was 16 here.

Homegirl was 16 here.


Hating on Feminism. 

Believing that both women and men deserve to be treated as valid, contributing members of society, is not a bad thing. Being  pro-feminist doesn’t make you a man-hating, dong-deriding, relic from the 70’s, nor is it exclusive to women. Until we raise our daughters and sons to understand that both sexes bring a multitude of gifts to humankind, and neither is superior, we’re doomed to chase paper tigers. Futile causes such as…banning the term bossy.

In closing, I will continue to use the term bossy. The word not only defines me at my Lucy Van Pelt core, it’s also a diplomatic way to let all the pushy a-holes in my world know that I’ve got your number, hussy.

Bossy fo' life!

Bossy fo’ life!

Forever bossy, BOSSY FOREVER!

Take it away, Kelis:



Rant: Let’s Talk About Bossy — 6 Comments

  1. I wholeheartedly agree. My vote is for all things “politically correct” to disappear. How about we “toughen up and deal with it, that’s called life” instead? #proudtobeabossyboss

  2. This is interesting because I do tend to agree that “bossy” is relatively gender specific, in that women are referred to as bossy more so than men. Does it require a “movement” from the COO of Facebook (of all companies)? I don’t think so. But the amount of subtle BS that women go through is harrowing. It’s bad enough that kids are clumsy and dumb anyway, why give them unnecessary issues?

    That, and the fact that they can’t drive well.

  3. I am so fed up with political correctness. Everyone’s little feelers can’t be hurt because oh god, their poor freaking self-esteem. People need to get over it and realize that the world is a hard place and that by mollycoddling their children all they are doing is making it harder for them to do well in this world. Oh and bike helmets, knee pads, and elbow pads need to go out like the Dodo bird.

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