Leggings + Men = Meggings (Alternate Title: Kill it With Fire)

For a few years now, skin-tight leggings and Jeggings, designed to look like jeans and other “real pants,” have tortured stores and our collective eyeballs by existing. I’m sure tons of butt staring sluts have enjoyed the revealing silhouettes that jeggings provide, but the majority of humanity is throwing shade. Or are we? 

Seems these kids today love Leggings. Not only do folks consider them ACTUAL pants, they’re also an equal opportunity fashion choice, because here’s now a line of LEGGINGS FOR MEN! They’re called MEGGINGS, y’all.

Men in tights.

Men in tights.

You read that correctly, the crotch hugging, bun covering, abominations aren’t available to just women, now men can get in on the act of showing everyone their business!


Because one can never have enough bulge shots, here are some beautiful examples of Meggings. (Pour one out for all of the smothered penises.)

Dots terrible!

Dots terrible!


Oh, and just so you know…SEVERAL OF THESE ARE ON BACKORDER due to high dude-demand. Meggings are selling like hotcakes. YES, REALLY.

MEGGINGS: A Symphony in Tights

Starting off the peen parade, here’s your basic black. AKA “business casual,” at Jamba Juice. .

Black by popular demand.

Black by popular demand.



Metallic Black: For when you want to channel a Hefty brand Garbage Bag who dabbles in S&M.



My guess is Checkerboard checkmates any hope you have of ever getting laid again.



Takes brass balls to wear solid gold pants.



Meggings in silver COME FROM THE FUTURE!



Red Meggings + WTF Hat + Dopey Grin = New star of my nightmares.



What in the sexy Santa Hell is going on here?




Orange you glad that you’ll never have to wear these!?



These camouflage meggings will make sure your dignity is hidden forever.



Speaking of camouflage, soldiers wear the REAL stuff everyday, so a-holes can wear this, THE AMERICAN FLAG MEGGING.



You can buy these spandex confections at Meggingsman.

Oh, and men with plump rumps, rejoice! According to the website, they are working on offering these sassy britches in XXL!



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