The Sweet Smell of Evil: Disney Villain Perfume Bottles

My entire life I’ve rooted for the bad guy. As a toddler, I can vividly recall hating every Disney movie because all of my favorite characters, the Villains, lost and often died. Some would say that I’m pro-baddie because I myself am a living Disney Villain, but I think it has more to do with having taste.

Bow Down!

Bow Down!

See, the villains are the only saving grace in all of those terrible Disney movies. They have the best songs, costumes, more money, and are by far the most exciting characters. Give me a morbidly obese singing octopus or dog collecting fur enthusiast anyday over a mooney-eyed, insipid, princess.

Artist Ruby Spark, knows what I’m talking about, and has created a prototypical series of perfume bottles based on the best part of Disney Movies.



While these Villain bottles aren’t for sale, nor are there any evil-scented perfumes on the horizon, a bad girl can dream, can’t she?


Love how her cigarette holder is incorporated!

perfume-evilqueen perfume-maleficent perfume-jafar-580x496 perfume-tremaine perfume-gaston perfume-hades perfume-facilier perfume-scar perfume-john perfume-queens perfume-hook


And my personal favorite of the lot, Ursula!





The Sweet Smell of Evil: Disney Villain Perfume Bottles — 2 Comments

  1. These are really cool. Too bad it seems to always take someone not affiliated with Disney to come up with their best stuff. Coughcoughpixarcoughcough.

  2. These are sooo badass! I want, I want!! I can imagine what they would smell like just from the designs. Ok Calvin Klein, know a great idea when you see it 😉 2014 needs this!

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