The FIRST Simpsons Lego Set Has Been Leaked (Gimmie Gimmie, I NEED!)

Way back in August, Lego confirmed that they were doing a licensed series of sets based on cultural touchstone, The Simpsons. Lego and Simpsons geeks of the world, like myself, rejoiced. Well, this weekend, a Lego fansite got their hands on an OFFICIAL prototype box and the results are INCREDIBLE. The first set leaked is of course, the Simpson’s house and it’s a beauty!

simpsons house set

It’s 2523 pieces total and comes with 6 Minifigures: Marge, Homer, Maggie, Bart, Lisa and FLANDERS! The house has hinges which means you’ll be able to open and enjoy the inside of the most famous house on Evergreen Terrace.



The rumor is that Lego Set 71006 won’t be available for sale until April, and due to the OVERWHELMING amount of goodies, it’s most likely going to run anywhere between $150-200 smackers, a bargain if you ask me. The only thing that would make this set MORE PERFECT is if you could buy it at the Android’s Dungeon.

Worst retailer, ever.

Worst retailer, ever.



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