Cribsy’s Movie Crib Notes: Anchorman 2

What happens when you take the biggest cult classic of the new millenium and make a sequel to it almost a decade later (after years of rumors and false starts?) You end up with the most anticipated comedy sequel of all time (sorry, Home Alone 2: Lost in New York!)

OMG, They're Back Again!

OMG, They’re Back Again!

Yesterday, I filled my flask with Deep Eddy’s Ruby Red Grapefruit flavored vodka, and took in a screening of Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues. Lover Fo’ Life, who has been on Holiday vacation since 12/13 and is not due back at the office until January, joined me. Unfortunately, he has a cold so I did not share my delicious booze with him. Fortunately, I had plenty to be hammered.


Fey and Poehler as Entertainment Reporters

Fey and Poehler as Entertainment Reporters


I’m not going to spoil one single solitary joke or gag, but I will say this:

Anchorman 2 does the job, no bush-league comedy show here, it’s top-shelf classy all the way. Jokes and ideas you loved in the original, somehow find a fresh approach and make appearances throughout.

The first Anchorman film is a classic, with nearly every line quotable. It’s had the better part of a decade to sink in and generate ha-has. Give Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues, a few years and it too will be the toast of obscure re-quoting.

This critic gives Will Ferrell’s CAMEO-rich yukyuk marathon, a hearty 5 Shots rating! Based on my patented grain-alcohol scale from 0-5.  Zero shots = Sober as Schindler’s List, and 5 Shots = Laffs-a-go-go. 

Oh, and don’t worry about “seeing all the good jokes in the previews,” many of the commercial spots are filled with jokes that are COMPLETELY re-written (and dirtier) in the movie. You’ll have plenty to chuckle at, even if like me, you’ve obsessed over the previews and clips for months.

Until you have a moment to catch a screening at your local picture show, feel free to enjoy this Ron Burgundy duet with Robin Thicke, as they sing the classic Christopher Cross YACHT ROCK ANTHEM, “Ride Like the Wind.” (The track is included on the Anchorman 2 soundtrack!)

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