Afterschool Special: My Friend Stephanie

99% of this blog is about nonsense and foolery. Every once in a while we stop splashing in the shallow end and take it serious in a series I call, “Afterschool Special.” 

Afterschool Special: My Friend Stephanie

This is my friend Stephanie. I’ve known her since high school.


Stephanie is also one of grouchymuffin’s first and most loyal readers, but don’t hold that against her. She’s an incredible mother and person. Matter of fact, Stephanie is currently on a mission trip in Niger. She’s been on several before because girlfriend is a gold-plated goody doing great things in this world.

Unfortunately, earlier this week, while in Niger, Stephanie and several other missionaries were in a terrible car accident. One person lost their life, and others were critically injured, Stephanie is one of them. She has a broken pelvis, and is suffering from internal bleeding. Because there are next to no resources for her in Niger, she and her fellow injured missionaries are being watched at a clinic. A clinic with no running water that is being run on a generator. The only medicine being administered is Tylenol for pain. To get home for proper treatment, she needs a special medical transport, having a broken pelvis, and all.

It’s going to cost 103,000 bucks. The insurance is going to kick in 30, and the church is scrambling to raise the other 75,000. Currently they have raised over 61,000! Here’s the site where you can contribute via paypal, even one buck brings us closer to getting Stephanie home.

Oh, and just so you skeptical tricks out there, here are two different news stories that the Local News stations did on her dire situation. You know it’s a bad situation when I’m watching and citing LOCAL NEWS! LOCAL NEWS FOR CRIPES SAKE!

ABC13’s story

NBC2’s story 

I’ll keep you posted on the progress, keep checking back for future HEARTWARMING UPDATES BECAUSE WE ALL PITCHED IN TO HELP MAKE THIS CHRISTMAS MIRACLE HAPPEN!

Your Pal,


UPDATE: THEY HAVE HIT THE GOAL AND THE AIR AMBULANCE HAS BEEN BOOKED! She’s coming home and once again it is proved that the internet can be used for GOOD! I’ll keep everyone updated on her homecoming progress and condition! To all of you who have shared this post or donated, THANK YOU!! 

UPDATE PART TWO: Stephanie is back in the United States and getting the medical care she so desperately needs! She’s being flown back to Texas tomorrow! MIRACLES HAPPEN. 



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    • You’re the BEST, Misty! Since you are such a solid gold human, email me your address and you will receive a handwritten christmas card from yours truly!

  1. Thank you for posting this. Steph is one of my dearest and most wonderful friends and the help that everyone has given has been overwhelming! It is nice to see the good in the world.

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