Programing Note: Happy Trails, You Jive Turkeys!

It’s the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and we’re hitting the road to my favorite place in the world, The Liberty Longhorn Ranch AKA the family’s slice of heaven right outside of Stephenville, TX.Each year we gather at Thanksgiving and spend days laughing, catching up, hunting, fishing, and cooking way too much food. Our nights are filled with bundled up stargazing, riotous parties and fireside singalongs at the pavilion.


Due to my incredibly lazy nature, once I’m on “ranch time” there’s a great chance the posts will be spotty and sparse until Monday, when I return to my evil lair. In the meantime, since tomorrow officially kicks off the holiday season, I’ve decided to gift y’all with some of my favorite FESTIVE LAWRENCE WELK CLIPS!

Happy Thanksgiving, my beautiful babies! I’m grateful for every last one of y’all (even the uglies!)

Your Pal,

Cowboy Cribsy
First Up, the queen of 80’s country and glamour, Babsie Mandrell stops in to sing COUNTRY ROADS!


Next Up, this clip is as hilarious as it is racist. Happy Thanksgiving (Our Bad, Native Americans!)

Cultural Insensitivity not your bag? Here’s some good old-fashioned polyester praying!

No Prayers for you? How ’bout some polka!?

And I’d be a real putz if I didn’t give a shout out to the beginning of Hanukkah tonight, in the words of my Nana, SOCKS FOR EVERYONE!


Programing Note: Happy Trails, You Jive Turkeys! — 4 Comments

  1. Have fun! And pleeeeease come back with funny stories like last year (poop in the bathtub)…your fellow drunken sluts (aka ME) will be anxiously awaiting…no pressure though! lol ;)Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Chanukah!!!

    • Aw, you are too good to me! And I made it to Tuesday so I’d say I am doing pretty damn good so far 🙂 Next year you should sneak me into your suitcase for the Ranch trip, it sounded like so much fun. Glad you had such a great (and relaxing) time with your family…and AB looked just adorable, especially fishing. Just read the recipe for the cider…sooooo wanna try this!!

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